Unemployment Is Illegal and Gun Ownership Is Required


LONGYEARBYEN, Norway — As governor of Norway’s northernmost territory, Odd Olsen Ingero commands a police force with just six officers and a single detention cell for an area twice the size of New Jersey. Even that is overkill: Nobody has been locked up here in the capital of Svalbard since last summer. And that was for just two days…

The key to Svalbard’s status as probably Europe’s closest thing to a crime-free society, according to the governor, is that unemployment is in effect illegal. “If you don’t have a job, you can’t live here,” Mr. Ingero said, noting that the jobless are swiftly deported. Retirees are sent away, too, unless they can prove they have sufficient means to support themselves…

“This is a very special kind of place,” said the mayor, whose town has all the conveniences of a modern urban area, including an airport, high-speed Internet and even a high-end restaurant, but faces such a struggle to survive against the elements that it has no place for the jobless or infirm.

Homelessness, like unemployment, is banned. All residents must have a fixed address, a rule that ensures that nobody freezes to death in a place that is closer to the North Pole than to the Norwegian capital, Oslo, and where snowfall continues deep into summer…

“There is no welfare system in Svalbard,” Mr. Ingero said. “If you are unable to support yourself with work, you cannot stay here.”

For anyplace in Europe, other than Switzerland, this is not the norm.

Gun ownership is widespread, not because anyone worries about fending off a mugger or a knife-wielding coal miner, but because polar bears present a real danger. The police enforce a rule that anybody moving outside the city limits of Longyearbyen must carry a weapon and know how to use it.

For anyone who is hard working, self sufficient, and enjoys the cold, this may be the place to move to.

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2 Responses to Unemployment Is Illegal and Gun Ownership Is Required

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    I tried to access the website you linked to and received this: http://www.svalbard.com is requesting your username and password. The site says: “Website under maintenance, password required / Websider under vedlikehold, passord kreves”

    Looks like the Euroweenies in Brussels and George Soros have torpedoed the evil site.

    It’s a great idea the Governor has, but he’ll be “Arkanscided by the Socialist goons running the rest of the Caliphate of Europa.

  2. BobF says:

    I fixed the link.

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