…and promptly put it around their own necks by declaring no hate crime was committed when a raghead attacked a woman all the while yelling “Aloha Snackbar”, “Dirty Jew”, reciting verses from the koran and then killing her.

Yep, no hate crime there.

Just a raghead offended by a woman.

But let a French man or woman merely speak the truth about ragheads and their vile “holy” book and those people would be in jail faster than you could blink.

The family of Dr. Sarah Halimi, an orthodox Jew, was tortured and murdered in her Paris apartment in April by an devout Muslim invader with a prior record of harassment toward her. Because she knew and feared the intruder, who lived in her building, Halimi had formally requested that the public housing department move her to a new apartment. Nothing was done.

“My sister was terribly afraid of this man, he had called her a ‘dirty Jew,’ but she was afraid that filing a complaint would be dangerous for her,” her brother William Attal explained in an interview with French news agency AFP following the family’s decision last week to take the case to the public prosecutor.

Attal said that the family’s goal was not to have the police condemned, but for Halimi’s murder to be legally tried as a hate crime. “Our struggle is for justice to recognize that this was an Islamist and antisemitic murder,” Attal declared.

The family was refused. But, beware, leave bacon at a mosque or a painting of Jesus and be prepared to serve serious time for violating sharia law.

The family was refused. But, beware, leave bacon outside a mosque or a painting of Jesus and be prepared for sharia enforcement.

Halimi’s killer, 27 year-old Malian immigrant Kobili Traore, broke into her apartment on April 7 just after 4 a.m. As he subjected Halimi — a 66-year-old former kindergarten teacher — to a savage beating, neighbors alerted police after hearing her screams. Officers who arrived at the scene just before 5 a.m. heard Traore shouting “Allahu Akhbar!” and “I have killed Shaitan!” (Arabic for ‘Satan’). Fearing a terrorist attack was being planned, the officers called for backup. But by the time anti-terror units arrived, Traore had thrown Halimi’s fractured and bruised body out of the window of her third-floor apartment……

PARIS — Leaders of French Jewry strongly criticized the absence of a mention of hate crime in the indictment of a Paris man who killed his Jewish neighbor while shouting about Allah.

CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish community, used uncharacteristically harsh language in criticizing the indictment for murder filed by prosecutors Wednesday against Kobili Traore, who confessed to killing 66-year-old Sarah Halimi on April 4 and throwing her dying body from the third-story window of her apartment.

“CRIF is astonished that the anti-Semitic character of the murder was omitted,” read the statement of the organization, which over the past two weeks has presented on the homepage of its website a running meter with the number of days it took authorities to file an indictment. CRIF has accused authorities of covering up and silencing the slaying of Halimi along with mainstream media.

Traore, 27, who has no history of mental illness, initially was hospitalized in a psychiatric institution as per his insanity plea. He knew that Halimi, a physician and kindergarten teacher, was Jewish and had called her daughter “dirty Jew” in the elevator two years ago, the daughter told French Jewish media.

The Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism joined CRIF’s criticism of the indictment.

“The personality of the criminal, who shouted ‘Allah hu akbar [Arabic for “Allah is the greatest”] as Islamo-Fascists do, his modus operandi, and his choice of a victim he knew was Jewish affirm our thesis and certitude: This crime is incontestably anti-Semitic,” the bureau, a nongovernmental watchdog group, wrote in a statement.

Following the indictment, Brigitte Kuster, a lawmaker for The Republicans party in the French lower house, filed a critical query on the case to Interior Minister Gérard Collomb.

Halimi, Kuster wrote, was “tortured and murdered by an individual with premeditated anti-Semitic intentions which serve as evidence, even if the judiciary has so far ignored this.”

She demanded that Collomb speak out and confirm the presumed anti-Semitic nature of the crime.

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    Only a White Christian can commit a Hate Crime.

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    Yup, racism is a one way street. “White Christian/Judeo privilege” is the culprit.

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