Tomi Lahren takes it to them:

A group that supports President Trump is trying to introduce a little “levity” into the political arena with a new ad featuring TV personality Tomi Lahren addressing one of her favorite targets: “snowflakes.”

“Are you or someone you love having difficulty accepting the fact Donald Trump won the presidency?” Lahren asks in the opening sequence.

The 30-second ad is a promotion for the website, features online links to cure “snowflakeism.”

Lahren cites symptoms as “feeling the Bern,” arguing Hillary Clinton won the popular vote or saying “I’m with her.” Lahren also mentions additional symptoms as ignoring the Benghazi scandal, Clinton’s email servers and the 2015 Iran deal.

Patrick Dorinson, a spokesperson for the alliance, said the ad was addressing the fact that after six months people are still protesting Donald Trump as president. Dorinson said there seems to be a protest “every weekend” against the Trump administration and the ad was meant to introduce “levity.”

Dorinson said GAA wants to see focus return to addressing “all that’s going on in the world,” specifically passing comprehensive tax reform to advance the economy.

Dorinson said Lahren was directly involved in the creative process around the ad, highlighting her ability to communicate with the younger generation.

He added GAA will be active ahead of the upcoming vote on the Senate GOP’s healthcare legislation.

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