They failed to take steps necessary to make sure Trump had a room reserved for the G20 conference.

The White House is blaming the Obama administration for leaving President Donald Trump without a proper hotel during this week’s G20 summit.

Every top-shelf lodging was already booked by the time the Trump White House began making inquiries – but that, two White House officials say, is because their predecessors never booked rooms for an American delegation.

The G20’s northern Germany summit was announced in February 2016, when Obama was still president and Trump was considered a long-shot hope to take the White House.

‘Obama’s people left everyone high and dry,’ one current official said on Friday. ‘They didn’t care enough to make sure whoever was president would have a place to stay.’

The White House is remaining officially mum about where the president is laying his head, and why. Spokespersons did not respond to requests for comment.

The officials who talked to DailyMail.com, including one with direct knowledge of White House travel and ‘advance’ operations, spoke on condition of anonymity.

Buzzfeed reported Thursday that Trump is staying in the government-owned Senate guest house in Hamburg instead of at a 5-star property like the luxury lodgings he owns.

The website published a list of which international delegations had snagged which hotels, including Russian president Vladimir Putin’s group at the Park Hyatt and UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s group at Le Meridien.

The leaders of China and Italy apparently reserved space at the Grand Elysée; the Indian and Canadian prime ministers are staying at the Atlantic Kempinski, along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

DailyMail.com contacted those four hotels and another six mentioned in the Buzzfeed report.

Staff at eight of them confirmed that they were completely booked by the time America’s 2016 election was held in early November. the other two declined to comment.

‘The funny thing,’ a second Trump White House official said Friday, ‘is that the U.S. delegation probably also wouldn’t have had hotel rooms if Hillary Clinton had become president. It was already too late by Election Day.’

‘But I bet even if Hillary had to sleep in a youth hostel,’ the official added, ‘no one in the press would say it was her staff’s fault.’

Trump’s travel staff originally sought to accommodate him at the Four Seasons hotel. But Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, who feted Trump last month in Riyadh, already had the entire hotel blocked off for himself and his entourage.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The perfect example of the actions a petulant 5 year old displays when its tossing a hissy fit.

  2. Eskyman says:

    It’s perfectly obvious what happened: anything after the Boy-King’s Dethronation doesn’t matter at all to anyone in the Boy-King’s retinue. Who makes plans for after the end of the world?

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