Good News Update

Bill Clark, uber douche of this post managed to get suspended from his job. Turns out the editor of the paper for which he writes was less than pleased with him writing some lies about the local cops. Clark wrote that he’d been harassed and intimidated during a traffic stop. Dashcam video proved otherwise.

As reader Dekare pointed out, perhaps the original citation was less than deserved, commonly known as pretty chickenshit, but the point of the whole situation was that Bill Clark published lies regarding the events that transpired. He’s a douche and he paid for his mistake the way countless other liberal douches ought to pay, by being publicly shunned and losing his job.

Kudos to Charles Westmoreland, editor of the Columbia Daily Tribune, for doing the right thing.

Now, if the folks that run CNN would start doing the same thing, maybe their ratings would stop plummeting into the sewer.


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