Another Liberal Asshole Outed

Fake news is everywhere, even in rural Boone County, Missouri. William Clark, a columnist for the Columbia Tribune in Columbia, Missouri, wrote about his experience being pulled over for a traffic violation by two Boone County Sheriff’s deputies.

Several readers here are ex-cops and you understand the kind of guy Bill Clark is. These people are a dime a dozen and bitch about the cops constantly. From dashcam video/audio you can see that deputies never mistreated Clark, never insulted Clark, and acted with complete professionalism. The pulled him over for a minor traffic violation, explained the situation, and issued a citation. Each step of the way, the contacting officer was courteous and at no time did she or her partner act in an aggressive manner

Clark would have none of it, he decided to get even with the cops and write the above article about them and their unprofessional and threatening demeanor. Too bad for him that the officers had video and audio of the stop, it showed a completely different story, though his published explanation of events differed from dashcam video. Clark explained that he was lucky he wasn’t shot by these arrogant deputies.

Here’s the dashcam video:

I’d have treated him the same whether he had a bumper full of Trump stickers, just like these officers did. From the video I saw, I’d say Clark was the arrogant one. But, that’s just me. He’s just your basic cop hating asshole. I hope he pleads innocent and requests a trial. Perhaps the judge can read his column, watch the video, and double his fine. Asshole!

Here’s the original article from Fox News.


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2 Responses to Another Liberal Asshole Outed

  1. dekare says:

    Okay, yes I will agree the cops did act professionally and not at all like the idiot claimed. However, if I understand this correctly, she pulled him over for failing to put on his turn signal when making a right turn at the stop sign. REALLY! I have seen this ticket for changing lanes and failing to signal, but to do so at a three way stop seems like this cop is nit picking the hell out of it. The guy was right, he did a full and complete stop, put no one at risk. When I was a cop, I looked at the spirit of the law and NOT the letter. I mean think about it, why are there traffic laws? So that people are not harmed or so that cops can write tickets and make people pay fines? Way too many cops think the second choice is the reason and that traffic laws are so they can write tickets. In my book, if you went thru a stop sign and even if you only slowed down to 1mph and then went, and you went thru and didn’t get in an accident or harm anyone….well, you did it right. If you made a right turn or changed lanes and didn’t harm anyone…well, you did it right. This was nit-picking chicken-shit nonsense this cop did to this guy. When we live in a world where so much worse is happening, to be chastised and fined in what I consider way too much money for the infraction, really rubs me the wrong way. I mean, are all the drug dealers in jail? Are all the drunk drivers off the road? To ticket for this crap is nothing more than insulting in my book. The guy had a right to be somewhat pissed.

    Second, when she chastised him for pulling ahead when she was trying to pull him over. The man claimed he did so as he thought she was going to a hot call and he was blocking her so he was trying to move out of her way, and only after she stayed behind him did he realize he was being pulled over. I can see why he thought this, as he really did do nothing wrong, and assumed there was no way he violated a traffic law. I mean seriously, does anyone stop at a stop sign, and then put on their signal to indicate a turn? Hell, I never do it, yet I am the guy that does use his turn signal when changing lanes. For me, it was apparent he was turning right and no signal was needed, as anyone could see what he was doing and did not need a turn signal to confirm what they already knew.

    Also, in my book, a cop gets to do one of two things, write a ticket or chastise the driver….NEVER BOTH (unless you have a real asshole).

    Now yes, I will agree, this woman acted pretty professionally, but the ticket was BS. I can only assume she is a rookie and the other cop was her FTO (Field Training Officer) and she was cutting her teeth on how to do a traffic stop. However, she should have given the guy a warning. Save your tickets for the assholes doing 20 over the speed limit, completely ignoring stop signs, and just plain driving like a complete asshole. What this guy did was so nit-picking even I would be pissed off, no matter how damned nice the cop was. Hey, if you bust me for breaking a real law, I will accept it. But this was crap. I would like to have someone follow this cop and see if she signals at every stop sign. I bet she breaks that law ten times a day herself.

    I’m pro law enforcement, but the issue here for me is not the cops attitude, but the BS ticket.

  2. BobF says:

    dekare, I like your reasoning on tickets and I know quite a few LEO’s where I live who look at it the same way. I figured the guy would get a warning instead of a ticket.

    Bill Clark is nothing buy a lying A-Hole. He could have written the truth of what happened and when/if the video was released he would been cheered. Now, people are going to see him for what he is and since his phone number is at the end of his article, I would imagine he’s getting quite a few calls. But then, Columbia is in Boone County which is home to MIZZOU and quite liberal.

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