Probably the most heavily armed man in America.

I recall seeing this story a couple of years back so if it’s a re-run it’s a good re-run.

Video of him on his dragon bike at the link.

A gun collector known as the Dragon Man boasts himself as the most armed man in America.

Mel Bernstein, 71, has more than 200 machine guns, 80 military vehicles and countless grenade launchers to his name.

In fact, Bernstein, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is so obsessed with guns that his bedroom has hundreds of firearms hung up on the wall – a situation that makes him feel ‘comfortable’.

Bernstein has more than 37,000 followers on Facebook, who watch as he chronicles his life on his 260-acre plot of land in El Paso County, Colorado, which he calls Dragon Land.

He earned his nickname from his dragon-inspired bicycle (pictured) that he fashioned in the 1970s in New York at his brother’s motorcycle shop, affixing a dragon head atop a Harley Davidson.

And it’s earned Bernstein quite the reputation. Hundreds of weekend visitors come to shoot firearms at his range or to visit his military museum.

It takes two hours to go through the huge complex, according to the Colorado Gazette, which houses a collection worth upwards of $10million, with memorabilia ranging from World War I to Vietnam.

Bernstein’s gun collection alone, he estimates, is worth around $8million.

There’s also an authentically reimagined World War II bunker, which shows off bullet-riddled pots and pans and uniformed mannequins stationed at anti-aircraft bazookas.

Bernstein was hit by tragedy when his wife of 33 years, Terry, died in an accident while filming for her Discovery Channel reality show.

Terry was hit by two smoke bombs in June 2012, which were travelling at a speed of 150mph, while the crew was trying to create smoky environment for the show to depict a war.

Bernstein says that he lost his best friend that day.

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    That is me in the first year after a major lottery win! I am sure I can find
    some exemption for “Collectors of military arms.” That, or some loophole
    around the Class 3 FFL. I do not want to become a dealer, I just want
    a Thompson SMG, a BAR and a few other arms to deter pirates when
    I cruise in my 96′ Italian luxury yacht.

    Here is what I want to fuck with Somali pirates:

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