If you’ve ever watched this guy’s videos you know what I mean:

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6 Responses to RETIRING THE GONG

  1. BobF says:

    That guy is one good shot with a handgun.

    I like watching slower rounds like the .45 ACP when he’s shooting the gong. When the camera is close up on the gong, for a split second you can see the round just before it hits the gong.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    It’s the 6-inch barrel BobF. That and a steady trained hand will allow a .44 to hit at 100 yards. On the other hand shaky ole me have trouble hitting a paper silhouette target with my Ruger .357 snubby at 10 yards.

  3. redneckgeezer says:

    Been watching Hickok45 for ages. The guy is awesome. Back about 1972 when I was a fresh rookie policeman, an old salt handed me his .44 magnum. Needless to say, I made a total fool of myself and he enjoyed it immensely. I’m with Bogside, probably couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn anymore. Then again, who knows, it might be 6 out of 6 for me too. 🙂

  4. BobF says:

    Bogs, I watch his videos and have seen him hit the gong with a .380. Here he’s shooting a S&W Shield in .45. Start about the 5:20 mark.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    He probably has a midget with a ball peen hammer standing in a gopher hole behind the gong, BobF. (Just joking)

  6. I agree Bob thats some fine shooting.

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