I would not like to meet whatever made this burrow:

Across northern South America, there are hundreds of colossal tunnels large enough for humans to walk through… Geologists call these tunnels “paleoburrow,” and they are believed to have been dug by an extinct species of giant ground sloth… The largest [paleoburrow] measured 2,000 feet long, six feet tall and three to five feet wide. An estimated 4,000 metric tons of dirt and rock were dug out of the hillside to create the burrow. It was evidently the work of not one or two individuals but several generations.

“There’s no geological process in the world that produces long tunnels with a circular or elliptical cross-section, which branch and rise and fall, with claw marks on the walls,” says Frank. “I’ve [also] seen dozens of caves that have inorganic origins, and in these cases, it’s very clear that digging animals had no role in their creation.”

Frank believes the biggest burrows – measuring up to five feet in diameter – were dug by ground sloths. He and his colleagues consider as possibilities several genera that once lived in South America and whose fossil remains suggest adaptation for serious digging: Catonyx, Glossotherium and the massive, several-ton Lestodon. Others believe that extinct armadillos such as Pampatherium, Holmesina or Propraopus, though smaller than the sloths, were responsible for even the largest burrows.

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    They are completely ignoring the most likely possibility: Natural erosion.
    Most of these assholes are like the global warmists, they simply pull
    theories out of their rectal orifices. Whatever the cause, nobody could
    possibly know how this feature formed!

  2. Except for the claw marks . Pretty awesome; those giant ground sloths were amazing. And probably very tasty!

  3. Steve Bensen (@RecklessProcess) says:

    In the past the earth has had CO2 levels of 5000 ppm. At those times there was also an abundance of oxygen. The planet did not turn into a vast desert as the “global warming” alarmists would have you believe. Instead the vast jungles created an oxygen rich atmosphere that supported giants on the earth.

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