REALLY fucked!

These parents in Germany have been called to appear court for preventing their child from attending a class trip to a mosque. They were afraid he would be subject to indoctrination, so they allowed him to stay home….but now the destroyers and annihilationists have called them to court: it’s a crime to resist Islamization in Merkel’s Germany.

The school administration says: “It is an important part of our education, to awaken a preparedness within the children to deal with and tolerate foreign cultures.” But that tolerance goes only one way. The foreign culture of Islam is not willing to tolerate any others as equals.

“Child was not allowed in mosque – parents must be in court,” Google Translate of “Kind durfte nicht in Moschee – Eltern müssen vor Gericht,”, June 18, 2017:

Now it is official: the Rendsburg parents, whose son did not attend the mosque visit in the course of the geography lesson, landed in court. The spokesman for the Itzehoe district court, Philipp Terhorst, now confirmed the sh: z that there will be a trial in August. The parents of the high school student had previously not accepted the fine of 300 euros – 150 euros each for father and mother. They do not belong to any religious community and feared a “religious indoctrination” of their likewise denominational child. No one could be compelled to enter a sacred building against his free will, so their argument.

The case caused a great deal of attention at that time nationwide. As reported, in June 2016, a teacher of the Rendsburger Kronwerk Gymnasium, with its seventh grade, planned a visit to the mosque during the Geography lesson on “The Orient – Power Factors Water and Oil”. Not here: the 13-year-old. He stayed at home because his parents refused to let their son into the mosque, which for some years had been the focus of constitutional protection, for ideological reasons. The school valued the boy’s absence as a “school tail” and thus as an administrative offense.

At the time, the ministry confirmed at the request of sh: z, that the father of the pupil had suggested to let the son take part in the teaching of a parallel class. This was rejected by the school. Rector Renate Fritzsche said the Ministry encouraged schools to visit mosques. “It is an important goal of our education to raise the willingness of the children to deal with foreign cultures and to tolerate them.” This was also confirmed by the ministry: by attending the mosque as part of the geography class, the school corresponded The basic pedagogical goal of the Schleswig-Holstein School Act: “The school should promote the openness of young people against cultural and religious diversity, the desire to promote international understanding and peace,” the official speaker said. The visit to the mosque was a compulsory course.

This is what the lawyer for the family, Alexander Heumann from Düsseldorf, says: “It is not a matter of ‘teaching’, but a ‘different school event’, the vestigue of which is not being sanctioned.” In the face of a multitude of islamistically motivated acts of violence – according to the lawyer in an opinion – the parents did not want “to send their child” to people who despise it as so-called unbelievers “. Heumann is a member of the islamkritic association “Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa” and is said to have been close to the AfD….

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    On the way to the USA, thanks to Liberal Obama & Clinton appointed Federal Judges.

  2. When the hell will the German People rise up and shoot that bitch! Then they can REMOVE KEBAB!

  3. Call me Infidel says:

    Welcome to your new muzztard overlords kids.

  4. dekare says:

    There is a way I like to look at these things to decide if it is good or bad. Let’s switch the players around, and see if it still holds up. If not, then it is a bad thing. Let’s take a muslim child and force him to visit a jewish temple. Let’s see what would happen to the muslim parents if they refused to let their offspring visit a synagogue. If the answer is, they would do nothing…well then, we have our answer.

  5. dekare says:

    How fucked is Germany?……….SOOOOOOOO FUUUUCKed.

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