Guy plows into a bunch of ragheads. Blows them a kiss.

News media IMMEDIATELY identified him as “white.”

Compare that to all other attacks where it took 24 hours for the media to identify terrorists as ragheads.

The Finsbury Park mosque terror suspect was filmed blowing a kiss and waving minutes after he mowed down a crowd and shouted: ‘I want to kill all Muslims – I did my bit’.

The alleged killer used a white van to intentionally mow down a group leaving Ramadan night prayers, killing one and catastrophically injuring at least 11 more.

Witnesses said an elderly man had fallen ill because of the heat and a group from the mosque stopped to help him when the vehicle hit them ‘deliberately’ and at high speed at 12.20am.

The driver, 48, who is white was pinned to the ground by an Imam from the mosque who urged the angry crowd not to hurt him so the police could arrest him.

Police arrived and he put him in a police van but the terror suspect was then filmed blowing a kiss to people looking at him inside.

The incendiary moment was caught on camera and published on social media, causing widespread revulsion.

It appears to be the fourth terror attack in Britain in the past four months – claiming 36 lives so far.

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Not only IMMEDIATELY described as white, but IMMEDIATELY described as a
    “Terrorist” as well. While the government and media in England are still investigating
    the “Root cause” of the last half dozen or so Muslim terror attacks in the UK, it took a
    fucking nanosecond for them to describe this one, sole, individual and ONLY act of
    retribution against Muslims as a terror attack.

    Trust me on this one Antz. When the threat becomes existential, and if the government
    fails to exercise its primary duty, the people will act. I do not care how far the metrosexual
    pussies have gone down the rabbit hole, in the end, the people will exercise their primary biological imperative: SURVIVAL!

    When the shit finally hits the ground, Europe will experience something unseen since
    1793 in France. The mob will do what their PC pantywaist liberal leadership will not:
    Burn down the ghettos and march through Paris, London, and Berlin with the heads
    of Muslims on pikes!

  2. Call me Infidel says:

    The thing is the mullahs were whining on the radio today that the media didn’t immediatly describe this as a hate crime and terrorism/islamaphobia. What also baffles me is why it happned a half mile from the mosque. Surely if he wanted to run a few over he would have done it at the source? It doesn’t add up if I am honest, but the BBC and the rest of the traitors are creaming themselves over what they are trumpetung as a right wing backlash.

  3. Call me Infidel says:

    I agree Leonard it could play out that way and the French have history here for reacting badly. However I think the demographics may mean that the heads on pikes wont be muzzbots unless it happens soon.

  4. Eskyman says:

    You don’t mean that The White Man(tm) is finally on the scoreboard, do you? “During [the last 30 days,] there were 179 Islamic attacks in 28 countries, in which 1598 people were killed and 1828 injured.” according to

    So it’s a close game, folks! It’s down to the wire, with the moslems at 179, but The White Man(tm) closing the gap with 1 on the board! Now we have to wonder, how much time remains in this game…?

  5. Leonard Jones says:

    Infidel, The Japanese and Germans will commit mass murder on a whim, but when
    the French finally lose it, they make the Mongol Hoards look like metrosexual pussies!

    Eskyman, Funny as that was, I say we are long past the time when we should go
    Roman on their asses!

  6. Leonard maybe I am in need of a tin foil at here, but something doesn’t add up here. The van he was driving is about 20 feet into a dead end. There appears to be very little damage to it, and the person that died it appears actually had a heart attack. If I didn’t know better I would say that this guy was lost and took a wrong turning in the middle of the night. He didn’t expect to find dozens of muzztards milling about in the middle of the road at that time of night. (its ramalamadingdong at the moment)

    So he knocks a couple of them over and they surround the van and pull him out and are in the process of killing him when the old bill turn up and put a stop to their hijinks. So they turn it around and make out its some far right terrorist. Finsbury Park mosque is where Captain Hookey (Abu Hamza) used to hang out so there are plenty of extremists on hand. It just looks all wrong to me.

    If he was going to run a load of muzzbots over why drive 150 miles from Wales to London? Why not just drive to Cardiff which is just up the road? I am sure there are plenty of target rich environments there. The police, muslims and politicians couldn’t wait to tell us how dastardly this “far right hate crime” was. Something is very rotten here I feel.

  7. Edsss says:

    WTF??? Only one measley little van???????????????? Gotta think bigger than that!

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