Makes you smile:

The action starts at around the 5:00 minute mark in the video. The first angle is from Cooper’s GoPro, and the second angle is from Stratton.

“We got nothing to f***ing say to you! We got no use for you! Get the f*** away from our march! You don’t want me to make you! Trust me!” shouted Lucy Elizabeth Smith, well known Portland area protester and transgender female, as if to assert that white protesters often “use” black folks.

“Make me. I dare you to make me move,” said Demetrius Cooper, known by his popular YouTube Channel Airliner World & More. “What the f*** are you gunna do? You guys talk so much sh** about me online, you ain’t done sh** yet.”

“Turn that f***ing camera off!” retorts Smith, seeing the video camera of another popular YouTuber Leo Stratton. “If that camera wasn’t there, I’d be knocking your a** the f*** out!”

Gee, now why would a violent leftist protester want everyone to turn their cameras off while s/he threatens and intimidates someone? You can see his/her fellow protesters try to shield the scene from Stratton’s camera, using flags, jackets, and other items to try to block him.

“Cause you’re in America,” says Cooper. “If you don’t like it, take your bags and leave the country. If you hate it so f***ing much…”

And that’s when Lucy Elizabeth Smith punches Demetrius Cooper.

“Is that the best you got?” says Cooper in return, and then an all out brawl ensues. Cooper fired off a couple of punches in defense and took Smith down, and proceeded to do some UFC style ground and pound as the other noodle armed “antifa” protesters pried Cooper off of Smith.

Cooper and Stratton are veteran Portland street videographers, and have documented countless instances of the protesters’ antics.

Lucy Elizabeth Smith has been arrested four times in the past few months at protests for violence and several other offenses. “Her” claim to fame is putting a man in a choke hold while a fellow protester stole the man’s glasses, as the victim was trying to make his way into a city building for a job interview, but the protesters had the building under siege.

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  2. Kenneth Lee says:

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