“Fearless Girl” got wrapped in a burka during an anti-sharia parade.

You know femi-nazis are furious but can’t say a thing.

On Saturday, people in nearly 30 cities gathered to march for human rights — and against Sharia Law. The nationwide day of protest was organized by ACT for America, a grassroots organization that is the self-proclaimed “NRA of national security.”

Donning a red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and a Donald Trump shirt, Loomer brought a sign that read “No Such Thing As Islamic Feminism,” and covered the statue with a burqa.

“I wanted to take my sign to the statue which is supposed to be a protest against patriarchy and capitalism — to protest the most vile and oppressive patriarchy in the world, which is Islam. I also wanted to expose the hypocrisy of the left, as nobody there would disavow the patriarchy that is Sharia while celebrating this statue.”

Almost immediately, people began trying to rip the burqa off of the statue and shove Loomer out of the way.

Loomer was attempting to raise awareness of the oppression of women and girls under Islamic law, which includes brutal female genital mutilation — like a “fearless girl” herself. Yet, the women fawning over the statue did not appreciate being confronted with Loomer’s real and meaningful feminism.

“You guys don’t want to take pictures with it? Why not? You don’t like the image of a woman in a burqa? This isn’t enough feminism for you?” Loomer asked the upset crowd.

Loomer told Big League that she “wanted to show the ideological inconsistency between feminism and Islam which are two completely incompatible concepts. I wanted to teach these women who idolize this statue about real issues facing women across the globe.”

“They’re really not feminists,” Loomer said of the women taking photos of the statue. “They’re selective with what they consider to be oppressive. You can’t call yourself a feminist if you’re not willing to disavow the misogynistic pedophile that Islam worships.”

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