Guy goes into store planning to rob it.

Four other customers in the store already.

Guy pulls gun, all 4 customers pull theirs.

End of story.

Video at link.

A robbery suspect in Brazil entered a convenience store and drew his gun, only to be shot multiple times in a situation in which everyone was armed.
Concealed Nation reports that the patrons were all off-duty police who were in the store shopping.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) from LiveLeak shows four individuals in plain clothes standing in line to check out when a door opens and the would-be robber enters the business with his gun drawn.

The robber is shot immediately by one of the off-duty officers who is off-camera at first, then comes into the picture when the robber goes down. The other men all draw their guns as well, some pointing at the robber and others walking toward the door to be sure accomplices are not on their way in:

The condition of the would-be robber is unknown, but he did not appear to move after falling to the ground.

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  1. Ho, ho, ho. Rough justice. That saved the tax payer a fortune.

  2. Eskyman says:

    Now I’m sorry, but this story just simply cannot be true!

    Why, all the anti-gunners KNOW, without any shred of doubt, that armed citizens will make the matter WORSE, not better! They’ll shoot all the innocent bystanders, probably the police as well, and stray bullets (which are hosed in all directions from the “high-capacity” clips!) will decimate the surrounding countryside! Think of the cows, frogs, and innocent chipmunks who will be blasted away by the hail of bullets!

    And what about The Thing That Goes Up(tm)? We’ve all heard about that death-dealing device, which brings untold horrors to the children, women, and the mentally defective! (Untold, as no one has yet figured out what “The Thing That Goes Up(tm) actually IS- but that’s beside the point.)

    So this video must be one of those photshopped videos, kinda like Obama’s birth certificate. Just can’t be true! /s

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