PUSS ‘N’ ……BOOBS?!?!?


Clever boy.

Lots more at link.

If there’s one thing you see more of on the internet than boobs, it’s cats.

So innovative Japanese photographer Yuki Aoyama has done what now seems so obvious: combined the two.

His collection, released in a book titled ‘Painyan’ (a pun in Japanese on the words for ‘breast’ and ‘meow’), contains 96 pages of beautiful women with cute kitties.

The contented cats can be seen pawing at cleavages, settling inside blouses and even resting between two sets of breasts.

Aoyama’s book, which was released on May 31, costs about £10 – and is said to offer a therapeutic experience.

It follows previous attention-grabbing work by the cheeky snapper, who released a collection titled ‘Schoolgirl Complex’ packed full of uniformed girls photographed from the perspective of a teen boy.

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4 Responses to PUSS ‘N’ ……BOOBS?!?!?

  1. Dan says:

    Yes….and for a more NSFW version of this theme Tumblr has a webpage called “Kittiesntitties”.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Kits & Tits. Nice, but I’d prefer Puss–in-Hoots

  3. Right, like there’s only 145 million pictures of cats in tits on the internet. Usually much better tits than what this “hentai” creeper photographed.

  4. Eskyman says:

    When I was a kid, I used to think how lucky I was to be born American.

    Now- well, I’m struggling to hold onto that belief; but then I see Japan has no moslems, won’t allow them in at all, won’t cater to them in any way, shape or form- and they have some damned good sexy anime, and now kittyboobs- and call me crazy, but I just love Babymetal…

    Let’s all sing along: I am Japanese, if you please… I am Japanese, if you don’t please…. Sigh.

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