The Poles want nothing to do with ragheads.

The only way to protect Poland from Islamic terror attacks is to not allow Muslims to migrate en masse. That is now the view of 71% of the people.

This is becoming the major issue in Poland and is at its core dispute with Brussels. As a reminder, Poland recently followed Hungary’s lead in corralling migrants…

Poland is mulling setting up special camps where asylum seekers would be housed in containers and kept behind fences in the event of another migration crisis, according to the country’s interior minister.

“The thing is to be ready for such a situation in the form of places in which those waiting for deportation would be kept who may try to break the law,” Mariusz B?aszczak told Polish radio on Tuesday. “That’s all it entails. Besides, there are similar container camps in France and in Germany.”

It’s a very similar approach to one adopted by Hungary, which has come under fire from the EU for its harsh approach to asylum seekers.

The camps are part of an overhaul of the asylum system to restrict migration planned by the country’s Law and Justice party (PiS) government.

It would allow border guards to detain asylum seekers for up to 28 days along the border while their applications are processed, “which will prevent efforts to illegally move to Western Europe.”

When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by Islamic terror attacks, the overwhelming consensus is to simply ban Muslim migrants for the so called Syrian refugee crisis.

The most amazing thing is Brussels takes the position of accept refugees or get out of the EU.

Poland still has its own currency. For its own survival, it should link with the USA and exit the EU. Many American banks and companies have moved their back-offices to Poland. They have far more to gain with a trade relationship with the USA than with the EU.

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3 Responses to EU BEING TOLD TO CRAM IT (PART 2)

  1. Poland has always been good at keeping people in camps and putting them in containers. Looks like this time they have the right ideas: don’t let ’em in, round up those that already got in, then kick them out.

    If Poland wants to align with the USA, let them. Have Trump give them back the missiles Obama took away to kowtow to Putin.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    While I am good at making predictions based on dynamic models, I have never
    gotten the timeline correct. From 1994, I was predicting a seismic political shift
    in America that did not happen until last November. It may just be starting with
    the Poles and Czechs, and possibly Hungary, but there is going to be a popular
    movement that will sweep the entire continent dedicated to deporting the cock-
    roaches that are infecting their countries!

  3. Poland kicked them out the last time they tried to over run Europe at the Gates of Vienna.

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