Chevy or Ford


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3 Responses to Chevy or Ford

  1. Kenneth Lee says:

    Show me which one holds up after 30+ years of hard use.

  2. Looks like neither one of them has sufficient front bumpers. Let’s see the Dodge; maybe that one will be the happy “just right” middle ground.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    I like the lean streamlined chassis of the Ford. My first Ford was a 1956 custom, next and my first “new” car was a 1962 Sunliner convertible with a 396 c.i. V-8. I switched to a Mustang in 1964 and after my first wife totaled it a 1968 Custom 2-door that was a piece of crap. Last ford I owned and will ever own was a 1971 Mustang MACH-1. That lasted 16,000 miles a year & a half off the show room floor and the rear end fell out.

    As far as babes go fat asses turn me off. I’m into lean long-legged blondes. That’s the only reason I went Ford in this case

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