Czech Government Knows How To Deal With Islamic Terrorists

They told their citizens to shoot them yourselves.

A couple of months ago, Czech President Milos Zeman made an unusual request: He urged citizens to arm themselves against a possible “super-Holocaust” carried out by Muslim terrorists.

Never mind that there are fewer than 4,000 Muslims in this country of 10 million people — gun purchases spiked. One shop owner in East Bohemia, a region in the northern center of the Czech Republic, told a local paper that people were scared of a “wave of Islamists.”

Now the country’s interior ministry is pushing a constitutional change that would let citizens use guns against terrorists. Proponents say this could save lives if an attack occurs and police are delayed or unable to make their way to the scene. To become law, Parliament must approve the proposal; they’ll vote in the coming months.

You notice in some of those former Soviet Eastern Block Nations like Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Hungry,  we don’t hear of problems with Muslim Refugees or terrorist attacks.


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3 Responses to Czech Government Knows How To Deal With Islamic Terrorists

  1. Some asswipe on a UK forum was slagging of the Don because of his spat with the muzztard mayor of London. His point was that in the US the muzzbots can get a hold of “assault weapons” So the casualties would be much higher than the stabby stabby, choppy choppy that they employ here. However as I pointed out in the US there is a good chance that a concealed carry holder would have aired them out, and in America you dont need to wait for a specialist armed response team from the police since all US police carry guns.

  2. The Czechs, Poles and Hungarians dont like muslims by and large. So they dont have many there. Like Japan, when you dont have muslims, you dont have much terrorism.

  3. Eskyman says:

    The Chezchs, Poles, Hungarians & Japanese have sensible leaders, it seems. They aren’t stupid enough to believe in all this “diversity” crap that we’re force-fed.

    I think it was over at Vox Day’s that I read, “Diversity + Proximity = Violence” and boy, is that ever true!

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