Are people so stupid they fall for this bullshit?

I call it exploitation but ……..

A pioneering model with Down Syndrome has issued a rallying cry to the fashion industry to feature more people with disabilities in their campaigns.

Katie Mead, from Des Moines, Iowa, last year became the first model with Down Syndrome to front a beauty brand and has seen her career go from strength to strength ever since.

The 33-year-old now combines her career in front of the camera with her work as an ambassador for people with learning disabilities, and wants to encourage others to follow her into the industry.

She said: ‘I haven’t seen anybody with Down Syndrome be a model and now it’s time to see more people with disabilities can have the chance to be beautiful and pretty.

‘People who have disabilities can have abilities and they are very capable of doing so much in life.’

She added: ‘I just want to open the door to show you can be a model whether you have a disability or not.’

Katie fell in love with fashion as a child when she would dress up and try on make-up with her sisters – but she never believed she could be a model.

She was bullied at school by cruel classmates who would ‘take books out of her bag’ and ‘put gum in her hair’.

Her father Tom said: ‘When she was younger the “r” word would come up, we learned to deal with it and tried to explain to Katie that everyone is different and not let that define who her.’

Katie said: ‘Having Down Syndrome, people can face challenges and I remember just looking past that and I overcame my obstacles.’

Katie’s mother Becky added: ‘All her life we have tried to feed her the same opportunities that we did the other girls.’

With the support of her family, Katie was able to follow her dreams and last year made history when she was named as the face of American beauty brand Beauty & Pinups ‘fearless’ hair mask range.

She said: ‘I was given the chance to shine and show that beauty belongs to everyone.’

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4 Responses to WHAT’S THE POINT?

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The Libs want to fit everyone in to a “victim category” and let them know they’re all victims of the evil angry old white men and they should vote Democrat to overthrow the tyrannical Trump stooges.

    Downs syndrome is just another “victim category” to be exploited by the globalists who want to dictate to the dependent “lesser folks”.

  2. Jim McFalls says:

    I imagine an IQ testing would show the mentally challenged are well represented in modeling.

  3. Any article that refers to “Down Syndrome” isn’t worth reading. “Down’s Syndrome” is an actual human malady, identified by research Dr. John Langdon Down in 1860. Down Syndrome is what happens to baby birds when they start to get feathers. I am so exhausted by the never ending dumbing down of our culture and our language.I don’t care if NIH went all PC in 1975 and simplified the name for whatever reason; sure, “mongolism” was a stupid name, and mental retardation comes in many forms, but dropping the “apostrophe s” was just plain lazy. Might as well make a new rule to only refer to this as Trisomy 21, and take Dr. Down out of the picture entirely. After all, he was white, and male. And English!! And not homosexual!! And he’s dead!

    Whoopee doo for the rest of the article. Isn’t she brave, isn’t she wonderful, isn’t she the new Fearless Girl. Why are there no fashion model midgets, or humongously fat ugly chicks? Aren’t they brave and special too? What about burn victims, amputees, quadriplegics and those kids from India with 2 heads? Pardon me while I go hurl.

    Pluto is a planet, the big long necked dinosaur is a brontosaurus, Eohippus is the Dawn Horse, and these unfortunate children have Down’s Syndrome.

  4. Eskyman says:

    I’m surprised she went into modelling. Most retarded people seem to end up being politicians (e.g. Maxine Waters.)

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