According to these morons America is the 114th safest country on earth.

Meanwhile countries devastated by Islamist terror and massive infiltration of terrorists are safer.

Yeah, right.

And guess who funds the assholes who came up with the report?

Land of the free, home of the brave – but America may not be the most peaceful spot on earth according to the 11th annual “Global Peace Index,” which bases judgement calls on a complex gauge of social, economic and political factors, including rates of homicide and terrorism activities.

The U.S. is now at No. 114, falling 11 places in the last year, the analysis says. Armenia and Rwanda are just in front of America on the list, El Salvador and China follow.

“Iceland remains the most peaceful country in the world, a position it has held since 2008. It is joined at the top of the index by New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, and Denmark. There was also very little change at the bottom of the index. Syria remains the least peaceful country in the world, followed by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen,” the report said.

Most U.S. allies are in the top-20 of the index, including Canada, Japan, Australia, Ireland and Germany. The United Kingdom is at No. 41, however.

“The U.S. deterioration is primarily driven by the growing intensity of internal conflict within the country, which was partly seen in the divisive 2016 Presidential election, as well as increases in the perceptions of criminality across American society,” the analysis said, also citing the impact of “rising homicide rates in several major American cities” and several terrorist attacks on American soil.

The index is produced by the Australia-based Institute for Economics and Peace, which figures that the impact of strife worldwide is $14.3 trillion. News is not all bad, though. In a nutshell, the index found hat 93 nations became “more peaceful” in the last year, 68 were “less peaceful.”

Find this complex, 140-page report here

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  1. BobF says:

    That’s because they have to include our major metropolitan areas like Chicago, Detroit, LA, St. Louis, New Orleans and other Democrat utopias. You take out those cities and we suddenly become one of the safest countries on the planet.

  2. dekare says:

    I agree with BobF. If you take Chicago, Baltimore, and every other large metropolis where scumbag blacks are allowed to live free from the harassment of cops, then of course, America’s stats look bad.

    As for most of Europe, thanks to the allowing of muslims in civilized society, I don’t think any place is as safe as it used to be. My wife and I want so badly to tour Europe, and see the great historical sights, as well as Egypt, and other ancient treasures, but sadly, they are off the list. We did visit Italy last year and spent two weeks traveling all over Italy (Rome, Sicily, Pompey, Herculanea, Venice and so on). We chose Italy because of their refusal to accept islam and allow muslims to ruin their great country. And believe me, we spent a damn fortune in their country, and we were damn happy to do so.

    You know who is NOT getting my tourism dollars….any country that thinks bringing 7th century barbarians to come live with them. So, until these countries clean up the mess they made, I will only be seeing the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, and most of Germany (Sadly, I badly want to tour Germany since both my wife and I have traced our family roots back to it way back to the 1600’s.

    I bet I am not alone.

    It’s just not worth the risk. Luckily, America still has lots to offer in the way of travel.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    We have been in the middle of the pack for a long time. As Thomas Sowell or
    Walter Williams once put it: “We do not have a crime problem in America, we have
    an inner city crime problem.” After adjusting the data for the violent Democrat
    governed shit-holes, we would be about the 3rd or 4th safest country in the world.
    We would be sitting next to pre-Islamic invasion Sweden!

    Sure, some of these data are manipulated. They routinely count cops shooting
    armed criminal thugs in their violent crime statistics, however a few dozen shit-holes
    do in fact skew the crime rates upward. Nuke these shit-holes and we would be one
    of the safest nations on the planet!

  4. BobF agree 100%, but I was going to put it much more crudely. Thanks for being a diplomat, even though it isn’t the whole of those cities, just certain neighborhoods. Places against letting Whites move there because that will raise the property values and the taxes.

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