Remember What They Did To This Man

In 2013 a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair put on an Obama mask as part of their comedy routine.   He had done this in the past with several other presidents as part of their act.   Remember how Democrats went ape-shit crazy over this?  The Missouri Fair Association put a lifetime ban on this man from ever performing again at the State Far.   Also, all clowns performing at the Missouri State Far are required to go through Sensitivity Training before they’ll be allow to work their trade.   All this because a clown put on a mask of Obama in a rodeo.

Making fun of the presidents by wearing a mask of them has been somewhat of a tradition.   Movies were made with bank robbers wearing masks of the presidents.  It was always lite hearted fun until Obama got his feelings hurt by a rodeo clown.

After destroying that rodeo clowns livelihood and his reputation, can you imagine what would have happened if someone had done to Obama what that waking excrement Cathy Griffin did to Obama, the Secret Service would be holding her for investigation and she would be charged with a Hate Crime.


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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Liberal media prodded by Liberal government = Liberal bully tactics.

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