Parent’s sue school for millions because their precious darling committed suicide after having been found with possible child porn on his phone.

The parents of a 16-year-old are suing for $5 million because their son killed himself after being frightened into thinking he would be classed as a pedophile for allegedly sharing an intimate clip of himself with a female classmate.

Doug and Maureen Walgren have filed the lawsuit against Naperville North High School and the local police department in Illinois because they were not present while two deans and a police officer confronted their son Corey.

The deans, James Konrad and Stephen Madden, as well as the police officer, Brett Heun, accused the teen of possessing and sharing child pornography.

They threatened to register him as a sex offender because the classmate he had a ‘consensual’ sexual encounter with was also 16 years old, a year below the legal age of consent in Illinois.

A short time after the interrogation, Corey jumped from a five-story parking garage and died in hospital from his injuries.

Corey had been called into the office at Naperville North High School on January 11 after a female classmate told a school dean that he had a recording of a sexual encounter they had before Christmas.

The honor roll student allegedly had audio on his phone of a consensual sexual encounter with a 16-year-old classmate that police claimed he had possibly played to friends.

During the interrogation, the deans, James Konrad and Stephen Madden, as well as the police officer, Brett Heun, questioned him about possessing and sharing child pornography.

They also checked his phone and found audio of the sexual encounter with his classmate, but did not find any evidence of child pornography.

While officers did not intend to press charges, police allegedly wanted Corey to know the seriousness of his actions.

After confronting Corey and threatening to place him on the sex offender list, the deans and police officer called Mrs Walgren to reiterate the allegations she says are false, causing her ‘extreme and excessive emotional distress and worry for her son,’ the lawsuit stated.

The lawsuit also states that the deans and police officer broke a crucial state law, which demands that parents be notified during an interrogation of a minor.

‘I think they wanted to scare him straight. Instead, they scared him to death,’ Corey’s devastated mother, Maureen Walgren, told the Tribune.

Mrs Walgren said the officer called her at work – on loudspeaker while Corey was still in the room – and said the teen was being investigated for child pornography and could be placed on a sex offender’s register.

The officer had explained the case could be dealt with via a ‘station adjustment’, which meant he could be reprimanded without being formally charged, according to Mrs Walgren.

She said the officer intended to download the contents of Corey’s phone, but needed a parent’s permission to do so.

Corey was taken to a nearby area in the school’s office and told to wait until his mother arrived after they had put the allegations to him.

Mrs Walgren left work immediately and said she would be at the school within 50 minutes.

The teen, who did not have a criminal record and was an avid hockey player, had recently told his parents about a sexual encounter given it was his first time.

His mother arrived at the school a short time later, but Corey had already left and staff didn’t know where he had gone.

Mrs Walgren immediately went out looking for her son and asked the school to contact police to help with the search.

A short time later, he jumped from the parking garage and died from his injuries while in hospital.

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  1. taminator013 says:

    Had to be something wrong with him to start with. Who in the hell tells his parents when they’ve had sex for the first time? Hey, Ma, I finally got laid! I sure didn’t. May have bragged to my buddies, but parents? No way, no how…………………

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Probably though he was doomed to “go blind” and couldn’t deal with that.

  3. redneckgeezer says:

    Darwin is alive and well here.

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