Will We Ever Learn

Will western nations ever learn that to radical Muslims compromise, accommodation, understanding, pacifistic, concession, etc are signs of weakness.


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2 Responses to Will We Ever Learn

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The assholes will not learn. Actually the Muslims killing in the name of Allah in Europe leads to a dose of schadenfreude. Socialism where the “elite” like Angela Merkel and the Frog whatever his name is, dictate to the Socialist drone that refugees (invaders) are good while those same douchebags are guarded 24/7 and never go near the goat bangers.

  2. I was going to say no we will keep on being told that there is nothing to see here, and we have to get used to it, but now I am not so sure. People like us have been banging on about this for years,but the general public by and large live in a stupor of bread and circuses. So long as it doesn’t interupt Eastenders they don’t care. However I think this outrage may have pushed the herd mentality over the edge.

    The murder of children is for me and most of the public a far more despicable act than murdering a load of adults. I have heard lots of people now talk about internment and deportation. Its hard to overturn the inertia when so much of the media is controlled by appeasers and leftards, but when the herd moves things change, and the herd has I think woken up. This peice of excrement was the the son of “refugees” who claimed to be persecuted by Gaddafi. Well Gaddafi is dead as a Dodo now so they can fuck right off back to Libya.

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