Guy shot dead having sex with prostitute in car:

A South Carolina man was getting busy in a car with a known prostitute when he was shot dead on Friday evening.

North Charleston police said Ladontes Miller, 34, was having sex in a van when someone drove up to the vehicle and shot him before speeding off.

Police found Miller dead and slumped over in the driver’s seat of a car. The headlights were on and the vehicle was running, reported the Charlotte Post and Courier.

The vehicle, a Mazda van, was backed into a residence on the 4100 block of St Johns Avenue near Hunter Street as if it had crashed.

A man who lives in the area called authorities around 9.30pm on Friday night, saying he heard a loud bang.

His neighbors found Miller dead in the car, and witnessed the woman in the back seat of the car ‘strung out’ and doing narcotics.

The woman, described as a ‘known prostitute,’ was squatting behind an open driver’s door when police arrived.

According to a police report, her hands, face and dress were covered in blood.

The woman later told an officer that she’d met Miller earlier in the day, but claimed she did not know his name and denied that they had met for a prostitution deal.

She then told the officer that she and Miller were having sex in the vehicle alongside the residence when someone came up to the car and shot him. She then said the shooter sped away, but could not provide any other information.

‘She was also unable to tell me how many subjects there were,’ the officer wrote in a report. ‘The woman informed me that she had just smoked crack. As a result, (the woman) struggled to follow my questions with any proper mental capacity.’

Other witnesses told police that they heard a single ‘pop’ before finding the devastating scene.

They said that they tried to help the woman out of the Mazda, but she pulled the door shut and proceeded to use narcotics in the back seat while Miller lay dead in the front, reported the Post and Courier.

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2 Responses to NO GREAT LOSS

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Ladontes? Come on this dude’s first name gives it away. Low-life scum banging low-life scum has to come to an evil climax.

  2. dekare says:

    Every time I read about a supposedly innocent murder with no motive like this, I often wonder it this guy screwed someone over and got what he had coming to him. You see it all the time, guy shot in driveway for no reason…when actually, the reason is, he scammed someone and they took retribution on his ass. I feel bad for the hooker. That was not a happy ending.

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