Feel Good Story for the Day

When she was six months old, Rachel Jacobs’ father was killed in the line of duty. Detective Doug Jacobs was shot to death on January 13, 2001, while investigating a noise complaint.

Rachel, now 17, was to attend her high school prom when the Riverside Police Department showed up for support on her special day.

When you’re the beautiful teenage daughter of one of our Fallen Heroes and it’s your prom, you can bet the Riverside Police will make sure to be there.

Doug, we approve of her date but we made sure he knows your expectations… lol. Have a great time Rachel and Cole!

It’s nice to read something about people doing something for others when the world in which we live is falling apart around us.


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  1. Capt. Craig says:

    There is no country like the good ole USA. We will overcome and these little examples of us caring for each other exemplify that belief in honesty, integrity and love of country!

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