A 70-year-old slum landlady who rented out her squalid outbuilding to migrants has been criticised by a judge for failing to learn English despite living in Britain for more than four decades.

Jumila Hussain, of Enfield, North London, made a huge sum of money by cramming migrant workers into the building outside her Stamford Hill home.

And the pensioner, who is originally from Pakistan, was slammed by Judge Peter Ader at Wood Green Crown Court for failing to be able to properly speak English despite living here for 41 years.

Hussain denied breaching an enforcement notice but was convicted after a trial last November and will be sentenced in three weeks’ time on June 7, reported The Sun journalist Ben Perrin.

At a hearing last Tuesday, the judge is said to have asked her: ‘Has it not been difficult for your living here for so long without speaking English?’

Using an Urdu interpreter, Hussain replied: ‘My children were young and I didn’t have any time to take any lessons.’

According to the Sun’s report, the judge said: ‘Surely they have grown up now?’. But she replied: ‘My brain doesn’t work properly.’

Hussain’s sons claimed her solicitors failed to represent her at trial, but the judge refused her permission to change them.

She said she takes ‘so much medicine I can’t remember anything’, but the judge told her: ‘I don’t believe a word of your medication‚Ķ stop making excuses.’

Previously, Judge Ader reprimanded Jeremy Corbyn for trying to make a violent gangster ‘sound like a peace campaigner’.

In a character reference designed to secure the thug a soft sentence, the Labour leader pleaded for the good character of 28-year-old Yahya Salah.

Salah was part of a 13-strong gang who savaged student Mohammed Nur then left him for dead with brain damage in a McDonald’s car park in Harringay.

Mr Corbyn appeared before Wood Green Crown Court in 2008 to claim Salah, a school friend of his son, had showed ‘contrition’ and turned his life around.

But his attempts to put a positive spin on the criminal did not impress Judge Ader, who said Mr Corbyn’s reference made Salah ‘sound like a peace campaigner’.

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