An assistant principal yelled obscenities at pro-life student protesters.

He resigned after an uproar from parents.

Bet he still gets bennies, though, because he’s a pillow biter.

The assistant principal of a Pennsylvania high school has resigned after a video of him berating pro-life student activists went viral.

Assistant principal Zach Ruff, who was filmed berating and cursing at 16-year-old pro-life activists, resigned the day after a petition defending Ruff circulated online with more than 50,000 signatures.

Ruff was placed on administrative leave on April 21 after the video of his interaction with the young activists went viral. “You can go to hell where they are too,” he said pointing at pictures of aborted children. “They’re not children! They’re cells!”

“Listen here, son, alright? I am as gay as the day is long, and twice as sunny. I don’t give a fuck what you think Jesus tells me about what I should and should not be doing,” Ruff barked.

“You’re acting very immaturely. I’m 16 and you’re yelling at me,” one of the teens responded.

The school said Ruff resigned from his position in a news release.

“Dr. Ruff has acknowledged that the demonstrators had a right to be on a public sidewalk,” the news release said. “He acknowledged that his conduct cannot be defended or condoned, and he deeply regretted his actions as displayed on the video. This school district will not interfere with the rights of anyone to express themselves.”

“In reviewing the video Dr. Ruff knew that the conduct he displayed was not representative of who he is and was not representative of the kind of educational leader he prided himself on being,” the news release added.

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  1. BobF says:

    Too bad his parents didn’t believe in abortion.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    I’m with Bob on this one. If these people really find abortion attractive, why not extend it to outside the womb for people like this bonehead.
    I did find it amusing that yet another liberal decided to tell all of us he “deeply regretted” his actions. Yeah, right. He deeply regretted that he was such an asshole, he had no choice but to resign.

  3. Eskyman says:

    This cocksucker said, “the conduct he displayed was not representative of who he is.”

    Oh yes, it was. It was perfectly representative. Hard to be any more representative than that!

  4. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts the entire Student Body will call him a Faggot to his face, every time he walks by!

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