Teachers getting far better wages than the grades their students get:

The Tooele County School district received a C-plus on its state report card in September 2016, according to TooleOnline.com.

That’s a pretty average performance. And on the surface it seems like the school district’s teachers were paid pretty average money, as well.

In fiscal year 2015-16, 720 teachers were paid a combined $30,852,520 in straight salary, for an average of $42,850. That indicates that the staff may be fairly young, and many teachers have not advanced very far on the seniority-based wage scale.

But the teachers actually received quite a bit more than that.

That same year they received a combined $8,431,854 in benefits (for an average of $11,710 per teacher) and a combined $7,330,776 in retirement contributions (an average of $10,181 per teacher).

All added up, the average compensation package for Tooele teachers was at least $64,741 – $21,891 more than the average base salary.

Tooele County teachers are required to work 7 ½ hour days, and it appears, from a somewhat convoluted document provided by the district, that their work year is about 190 days.

Using that schedule, the average teacher compensation listed above breaks down to an average of about $340 per day and about $45 per hour.

That’s pretty good pay for a C-plus performance.

The Tooele County superintendent, Scott Rogers, was paid a base salary of $154,505 in 2015-16.

The Tooele County district would not provide benefit information for Rogers, claiming that Utah law does not permit that. Officials in the Granite, Utah district must be unfamiliar with that law, because they provided detailed information about their superintendent’s benefits.

Taxpayers really deserve to know all the dollar figures, because they pay for the salaries and benefits.

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