Three men wear spike heels all day.

Are they so desperate for attention?

Many women are well accustomed to the pain and inconvenience of high heel shoes, but how do men fare in the same situation?

Three men agreed to spend a morning walking around New York City wearing fabulous pairs of pumps, in order to take – quite literally – a walk in their female counterparts’ shoes.

Billy Procida, Ken Again and Jonathan Runyan all struggled to take their first steps in their glamorous shoes, but bravely persisted.

After putting on his black pumps, Billy was shocked at how precarious his balance seemed.

‘How do you all walk through life without a spotter constantly?’ he asked. ‘Is that why women travel in packs? So, like, everyone can catch each other?’

He then took on the sidewalks and did a fairly good job, but remained confused as to whether he was supposed to put down his heels or his toes first.

Jonathan, meanwhile, had to crouch to rub his feet while wearing his eye-catching red shoes with leopard print.

‘It hurts… It hurts!’ the man complained.

He revised his opinion later on and – after the shoes came off – declared: ‘Well, that wasn’t terribly comfortable. It also wasn’t terribly painful.’

Ken, who strapped on a lovely pair of light pink sparkly shoes, pledged never to ask a woman wearing heels to hurry up ever again.

‘I will say you chose the wrong shoes for New York,’ he added, taking a few uncertain steps on the asphalt.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Assholes Real men would have told all the cunts: “Fuck that shit ‘I’m a fashion icon in my $300 6-inch stilettoes and put on a pair of combat boots’.” Then he’d bellow an order: ” Get your fat pimple covered ass in the kitchen rustle up some grub, do the ironing, clean the cat litter box and get on with your feakin’ useless life”.

  2. Dan says:

    What a crock o’shiite….. So what if spike heels and other fancy shoes are uncomfortable. I mean it’s not as if we men are FORCING women to wear them. The sad and ugly truth is that women dress FIRST and FOREMOST for OTHER WOMEN. Being attractive to men comes second. And most women know that high heels makes their ass more attractive when they walk….so they CHOOSE to wear them so that women can see they are “fashionable” and men will look at their ass. It’s a power play, a method to seek attention. If they wish to do so it’s their choice. If the don’t
    wear them again…..it is THEIR CHOICE. But ultimately it is A CHOICE…..not something mandatory.

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