Just how the hell does this happen?

A passenger thinking she was going to Paris ends up in San Francisco.

Sorry, but with all the scanning and double-checking that takes place this should not have happened.

But given the passengers whining about not having had announcements made in French then, fuck her.

A United Airlines passenger boarded a plane in Newark believing that she was headed to Paris. Hours later, the plane touched down at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Lucie Bahetoukilae, a French woman who does not speak English, carried a boarding pass that read, “Newark to Charles de Gaulle,” reports ABC 7. She approached the gate listed on the pass, where a flight attendant scanned her ticket before she boarded the plane.

With her niece acting as translator, Bahetoukilae recalled approaching her seat – 22C – only to find it already occupied. Bahetoukilae said the flight attendant came over to look at her boarding pass before assigning her a new seat.

Three thousand miles later, Bahetoukilae disembarked at SFO, where she reportedly waited an additional 11 hours before boarding a flight back to Paris. In total, she claims to have been traveling for 28 hours.

U.S. Senator Bill Nelson says he thinks the airline industry has become anti-competitive and is hurting the flying public. According to the AP, Nelson says air travelers often tell him they “feel like they’re being treated as self-loading cargo rather than as valued consumers.” Passengers are also using their cellphones to hold airlines accountable by recording incidents that show travelers being treated unfairly.

Bahetoukilae said she did not realize that the airline had changed her flight’s boarding gate. She told ABC that United did not make a gate announcement in French or notify her by email.
United gave Bahetoukilae a flight voucher and said they were “working with their team in Newark to prevent this from happening again.”

The airline has repeatedly made headlines in past weeks, most notably for an incident in which a passenger was dragged from a flight.

“This is not about money,” Bahetoukilae’s told ABC, “This is about United getting serious with their employees.”

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

    Decades ago, I read a story about someone in the Co-Cal area who wanted to
    fly to Oakland and ended up Aukland New Zealand instead.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    I got on the wrong TWA flight to Lindbergh airport from New ark to St. Louis back in 1991. No security checks then and the ticket check was a short glance. Fortunately, the “wrong”, half empty, plane I got on was an earlier flight to the same airport so I arrived 1/2 hour before I was scheduled to be there. No questions were asked and the airline and I shrugged it off with a “OH Well”. Afterwards, I was too busy banging my blonde honey Jane who lived there to complain or even think about suing.

  3. grayjohn says:

    A lot of stupid shit happens at airports, and there is no excuse for 98% of it. Most employees have the usual Union give a shit attitude which is why baggage is abused and lost. No excuse for it. Overbooked flights? Criminal abuse of customers, nothing more. No excuse for it. Most flight delays are Union bullshit too. Airport security is nothing more than sexual assault and harrassment sanctioned by the Government. The TSA serves no purpose other than pushing people around, invading privacy, and scaring kids. The whole operation is a pack of assholes who couldn’t care less if a terrorist kills you as long as you don’t defy them by demanding to be treated like a human being. Power hungry shit heads victimizing innocent people to show what bad asses they are. There are some awesome, incredible, compassionate folks in the industry, but their good deeds are overshadowed by the slime they have to work with, and against. I see it and it pisses me off, but as long as people allow themselves to treated like cattle, they will be.

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