At least that’s the claim of several women:

According to a popular rumor among pregnant women, spicy food can help induce child labor, and while that has yet to be confirmed by medical specialists, a pizza place in Charlotte North Carolina has become a popular destination for mothers-to-be eager to bring their offspring into the world sooner.

Hawthorne’s New York Pizza and Bar in Charlotte is considering changing the name of its Buffalo Wings Pizza into “The Inducer” after dozens of pregnant women have credited it with helping them deliver their babies ahead of schedule. Tales of the labor-inducing properties of this medium-hot pizza have been circulating around Charlotte for over half a decade, and some women actually swear by it.

Charlotte Five recently investigated this local rumor, and talked to some of the women who claim to have benefited from the labor-inducing effects of The Inducer. The latest case involves Henley Schmiedel, whose due date was April 10. On March 31 she had decided that she had had enough of being pregnant and wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. While hanging out with a group of friends, they started talking about the legend of Hawthorne’s pizza, and decided that it was worth a try. They went to the restaurant, ordered the famous pie, and four hours later her water broke.

The legend can apparently be traced back to Ali Aldrich, who in 2010 she was almost due to have her baby. She couldn’t wait any longer either, and having heard that spicy food helps induce labor, she decided to try her favorite pizza, the Buffalo Wings Pizza at Hawthorne’s.

“Like most women in the last few weeks, I was ready to go,” she told Charlotte Five. “I barely could wait to see my baby girl, who is 6 now.” Ali had the pizza for dinner, went to the hospital that night and gave birth to a healthy girl the next morning. She has been talking about the miraculous effects of The Inducer ever since.

Aldrich is the one who recommended the spicy pizza to Kristin Kogan, who were approaching her due date when she decided to speed things up. Her water broke after finishing just one slice.

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  1. Leonard Jones says:

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  2. bogsidebunny says:

    I can absolutely attest to the validity of this fact.

    Shortly after consuming a spicy, pepper, onion and jalapeno pizza with a strong cerveza epidural to lessen the pain I give birth.

    Birth to a 2 pound bouncing baby, brown turd with green eyes and a breath that’d take your breath away!

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