New movie about Dunkirk:

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  1. dekare says:

    I am a BIG WWII history buff. I have read so many books on the subject that if stacked up, would be over 6 feet tall. I have read books from the point of the soldiers, the generals, the germans, the wermacht, and of high ranking german officials themselves. So, I will somewhat consider myself just a slight bit more informed than the average person when it comes to WWII.

    We all know that Hitler made many mistakes that caused him to lose. By all accounts, Germany should have been able to take over Europe, and probably the world, had they only not made a series of small mistakes…Dunkirk, IMHO, was his biggest.

    Here is how I see it. Hitler’s generals were telling Hitler that they had the British right where they wanted them. All they had to do was go in and kill and take prisoner what would have amounted to a damn major chunk of Britain’s military fighting force. Supposedly, from what I have read, Hitler’s generals were ready to push in and take the Tommy’s out. They had them pushed to the sea, surrounded, no major weapons, and nothing to stop Germany’s forces. But for Hitler himself telling his generals to halt and do nothing.

    There are two theories. The first being Hitler was afraid of moving in on Dunkirk. The other being that Hitler did NOT want to destroy England, he just wanted to convince them to let him take over…just like he did with France, without the mass death and destruction. Hitler supposedly said that he wanted relations between Britain and Germany to be salvageable, and this kind gesture of not completely destroying Britain would allow a German political system to take over after Germany took over, and if Germany destroyed and killed the number of men he could easily have at Dunkirk, he would have destroyed any chance of an easy takeover. The resentment by the British people would have been too great, and Hitler recognized this.

    Sadly, this kind gesture cost Hitler everything. (A lesson here…see what kindness to your enemies does?).

    Anyway, here is what I think would have happened if Hitler did not hesitate at Dunkirk. Imagine if Hitler had given the order to move in and take Britain’s military forces at Dunkirk out. Imagine if he absolutely destroyed the English at Dunkirk, which he could so easily have done. Britain would have been defenseless, and Germany would have taken over Britain as easily as he did France, as they would have had not only no major military force anymore, but the overall morale of the English people would have been defeated. Dunkirk was around May/June 1940, well before the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, and well before America got into the war. Well, I have to then ask…would America have been able to get into the war and help Britain if Britain had already been taken over? Probably not. No bases to set up in England. No other major military to join forces with. More than likely, America would not have entered the war. So, with Britain now no longer a threat, and the very likely possibility of America sitting it out, Hitler could have entered Russia with his operation Barbarossa, and had only to fight on one front…the Russians only. Whereas. he could commit his full forces on taking out Russia with no worry of the Allies. Russia would have lost. Eventually, After Hitler had all of Europe under his rule, along with he development of jets, stealth bombers, missiles, assault rifles, and so on, all of which Germany was developing and would have had not only perfected but would have been able to build up an arsenal of. By the time Hitler set his sights on America, he would have the upper hand, technological advancements far beyond what America had, and most of all, America would have had to stand alone, or maybe at best, the help of Canada and some other small allies. We would have been toast.

    So, in my opinion, had Hitler not hesitated at Dunkirk, and spent a few days on what would have been a turkey shoot, you would be reading this in German, and Dunkirk would be as famous in German history as D-Day is for us today.

    If anyone wants to add to this, or even oppose my opinion or alter it, please do. This is only my opinion, but upon reading the books on did on this subject, all I could think about was how close we all came to complete world domination…and saved by a stupid rookie mistake and the soft heart of Hitler, who did not have the stomach to completely annihilate his enemy.

    I am really looking forward to this movie. I saw a trailer for it a while ago, and since then, have been excited to see this. I don’t got to the theater often, but for this one, I will be going.

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