Look at the billions just sitting there rotting.

More pics at link.

These eerie photographs show how USSR-era space craft have been left to rust in an abandoned desert hangar in Kazakhstan.

Two test shuttles were found inside a derelict Soviet warehouse near the Cosmodrome Baikonur, 125 miles east of the Aral Sea.

They were both developed as part of Moscow’s Buran programme which was shut down in 1993 – but neither of the craft were sent to space.

In the same building, photographers pictured a vast Energia rocket, designed to propel the Buran, an unmanned space plane, into orbit.

The USSR designed the rocket to compete with Nasa’s Saturn V, the super-lift launch vehicle that supported the Apollo mission to the moon.

Alexander Kaunas, from Russia, said he walked 24 miles through the desert to reach the hangar – once a hub of activity but now left derelict – and photograph the unused shuttles and rocket.

Like Nasa’s Space Shuttles, the Buran vehicles had engines located at the back, and two wings for a controlled landing back on Earth.

The Russian model had striking external similarities to the US Space Shuttle Columbia sparking suggestions Cold War espionage may have played a part in its development.

Both US Space Shuttles and Buran had the same shape and size, the same vertical tail structures and even similar colours – white with a black trim.

Documents that emerged in the late 1990s revealed how the KGB stole the designs for the US shuttle in the 1970s and 1980s enabling the Kremlin to build a carbon copy of the American system.

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  1. “espionage may have played a part”? Oh please. Total steal, just like the B-29 in WWII. And so many others – the US Defense Dept and NASA are loaded with spies for Russia and China, always have been. Still is – the chinks stole the F-35 plans too. And just like rip-off knock offs from China, the Soviet versions were always crap. They could build the shuttle, but they couldn’t make the heat shield tiles. So all they managed to make was a thing that would be a giant sky flare on re-entry. Next!!

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    When it came to real innovation, the Soviet Union sucked. The only reason they
    beat us into space was that while we were on 2nd and 3rd generation nuclear
    weapons, they required massive missiles to deliver their clunky old nukes.

    The same went for their jet powered aircraft, they could not make the planes
    as light as we could, so they had to develop ever more power turbofan engines.
    When I first saw the capsule they tried to develop for a manned moon shot,
    it had a rats nest of wires, tubing, surface mount gauges and manual valves
    all over the inside of the capsule. There was not a computer or digital display
    in sight.

    There were stories about Soviet agents trying to bribe French airport workers
    for rubber samples from the tires on the SST. If they could not even come
    up with the correct chemistry for the tires, it was no wonder why the thing
    crashed and burned.

    If they could not steal it, they were lost. My theory is that while they did
    have some good scientists and engineers, one cannot hold a gun to
    their heads and make them creative.

  3. BobF says:

    Before I read the heading, I though it was a picture of one of our space shuttles wasting away in some hangar or static display.

  4. The commies only got a jet engine because English faggot commies in the post war government forced Rolls Royce to hand over the plans.

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