Bush Can Thank Russia

Used to be that everything was George W. Bush’s fault. I think it’s time he acknowledges that Russian Hackers have moved him out of the spotlight. Now, when anything happens, it’s all because of Russian Hackers. Why Russian hackers want to help conservative anti-globalists win elections is beyond me, but who am I to question this stuff. The Russian hackers made me do it. In all honesty, this isn’t even me – Russian Hackers have taken over my WordPress account.


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One Response to Bush Can Thank Russia

  1. Leonard Jones says:

    I read somewhere that the left have been calling every Republican president evil
    and or stupid since the Eisenhower administration.

    In one breath, they describe the man as some evil Machiavelian genius, in the
    very next breath, they called him stupid. You cannot have it both ways. Calling
    the man who defeated Nazi Germany an idiot is as silly as calling the Gipper
    a confused old man. Anyone who read Reagan’s handwritten notes marveled
    at his spelling and grammar, with most describing it as picture perfect!

    Then there was W. I had issues with him, but his intelligence was not one of them.
    The academic rigors necessary to become a jet-jockey would put real idiots like
    Al Gore or John Fucking Kerry to shame.

    Did he mispronunciate words? Sure but we all knew what he meant when he said
    it. I agreed with liberal Internet trolls, and usually asked them if they thought they
    could handle the academic requirements of a fighter pilot!

    I would say a BA in History from Yale is more rigorous than a BA in Eskimo lesbian
    dance theory and a Harvard MBA is outright impressive.

    Note to left: Evil genius or dunce, pick one, you cannot lay claim anyone is both!

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