Today is Stinko de Mayo!!

Go eat a taco!

Go to Taco Hell with a sign “build the wall!”

And here these apologist multi-culti asswipes want us to learn THEIR culture.


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5 Responses to I ALMOST FORGOT!!

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Check out the fine example of Mexican culture we Americans can embrace:

  2. grayjohn says:

    Fakeo de holidayo.

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    They defeated the French. An American Boy Scout Troop could have done that!

  4. I went and looked it up at Wiki, for whatever that’s worth. Yes, they defeated the French, once. At the time when the USA was having the War Between The States (Civil or not), with tens of thousands of casualties per battle, the retreating Mexican army sort of ambushed the French army and killed less then 400 of them, while suffering less than 100 KIA of their own. In other words, it was a skirmish. But the Mexi-media of the day made hay with it, calling it a great victory. A couple days later the French regrouped, and proceeded to kick ass repeatedly.

    Why was France fighting in Mexico in 1860? Because the Mexis, due to various revolutions, had defaulted on their international debts. So this was kind of a repo action, with England, Spain, and France banded together to kick some beaner butt. England and Spain quickly got bored and went home.

    The point is, while it is a very minor Official holiday of sorts in Mexico, the whole Cinco de Mayo Big Deal is an entirely American invention. So expelling kids from college for dressing up as the Frito Bandito, or firing the school lunch lady for serving tacos, is an even greater total hypocrisy than “cultural appropriation” or “racism” or whatever the Campus Thought Police deem it. They are being Americans, saluting a neighboring nation in their own way, celebrating an American “holiday”.

    PS – I’ve talked about this “cultural appropriation” stuff with a couple of actual Mexicans. They think it’s hysterical, and couldn’t care less. Gringos playing dress up is a big joke to them.

  5. And that, Leonard, is why I would “observe” Cinco de Mayo. If I chose to.
    Which I don’t! 👿

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