Mysterious patterns on a mountain in China:

They appear to be treating it as a pagan version of seeing the Virgin Mary on a piece of toast.

A mysterious pattern found on a rural Chinese mountain has reportedly kept scientists puzzled for a decade.

The supposed formation, situated on Mengding Mountain in Sichuan Province, is thought by many to depict a warrior riding a dragon-like mythical creature, known as Qilin.

Despite on-going research effort, experts are yet to give explanation on how the pattern has formed, according to Chinese media.

The alleged pattern was discovered in 2007 by a Chinese man who was using Google map to see the satellite images of his hometown, according to Huanqiu.com, a part of People’s Daily group.

The man, named Xie Qiang, worked for the Beijing General Research Institute of Mining of Metallurgy at the time.

In an interview with China Central Television Station, Mr Xie said that he was using Google satellite to look for his hometown Ya’an, but his attention was quickly drawn by some lines on the surface of the mountains nearby.

The man said: ‘First, I saw the silhouette of a human face.

‘Then when I zoomed out to see the entire Mengding Mountain, I saw more than a human face. In fact, I saw a pattern that looks like a warrior riding a Qilin.’

Qilin, an auspicious creature in ancient Chinese mythology, is said to have the head of a dragon, the body of a deer, the tail of an ox and the hooves of a horse.

Mr Xie thought the warrior looked like a gladiator in particular because of the shape of his helmet.

According to Mr Xie, the pattern measures about 6.2 miles (10 kilometres) long and 2.5 miles (four kilometres) wide, and is situated on the 30th parallel north, or latitude 30 degrees north.

Since Mr Xie published his so-called discovery, Chinese scientists and media have tried to demystify the phenomenon.

Teams of experts were said to be sent to the area to study its geological features while documentaries about the mysterious pattern have been aired on state TV.

Wang Chaozheng, a resident of the Houyan village near the mysterious site, told a reporter from Huaxi City Daily that the locals have long heard about the alleged pattern.

Mr Wang, 70, said: ‘It’s been featured on TV many times. Experts have come here to study too. However, so far nobody knows how it has formed.’

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    Nice, but I prefer the Mountain with the naked lady on it in the previous thread.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    The way I see it, this is likely just another random geologic formation like
    the face on Mars. Or like the virgin on a piece of toast or Al Bundy’s sweating
    the face of Jesus on one of his T-shirts!

    You see those lines all over the photo, so my guess is that these are rocky areas
    in a sea of forest. This looks totally random, unlike the unlimited monkeys and
    unlimited typewriters bit. There, the likeliest outcome would be that they would
    shit all over the keyboards.

  3. Well at least it isn’t two Faggots performing The Beast With Two Backs!

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