What shit-for-brains.

Outraged a Playboy model posed nude on top of a mountain….. which all of a sudden we’re told is sacred.

Sacred bullshit more likely.

It’s apparently tromping all over that “sacred” mountain top taking shits and pisses because you can’t hold it is OK but taking your clothes off offends the gods? I guess only when it involves a rich company they can sue.

A New Zealand Playboy playmate has come under fire for posing naked on a sacred Maori mountain.

Glamour model Jaylene Cook, 25, and her photographer boyfriend Josh Shaw, 27, spent seven hours hiking up Mt Taranaki on April 26 and impulsively took the risqué shot once they reached the summit.

In the nude image Ms Cook can be seen admiring the view from the top while wearing just a hat, gloves and shoes.

‘Maori legend has it that Mount Taranaki was initially located in the centre of the North Island, but lost a mighty battle with another mountain for the heart of pretty Mount Pihanga.’

‘Banished west to his current position, it is still said that when the 2518m peak is hidden by clouds, the Mountain is hiding the tears he sheds for lost love.’

‘The Taranaki Maori were driven from their land by invading Waikato tribespeople in the early 19th century.’

‘When local Te Atiawa people returned decades later, they found the first English settlers – the consequence of Captain Cook’s ‘discovery’ – had purchased their land from the few remaining Maori, sparking the turbulent decade-long Taranaki Land Wars of the 1860s.’

‘In 1881, British confiscation of 1.3 million acres of prime Taranaki land resulted in a civil disobedience movement encouraged by chief Te Whiti O Rongomai, which saw hundreds of followers arrested and widespread damage to people, buildings and crops.’

Although the couple said they didn’t stand on the head of the mountain out of respect for the Maori culture, locals claim the picture is ‘disrespectful.’

Maori academic Dennis Ngawhare told Stuff.co.nz said members of the community are unhappy about the image.

‘I’d imagine you will be getting a few comments from people saying what’s wrong with that? Who cares? But I also know cousins and relatives who will be quite upset about it. They would consider it as being disrespectful towards the mountain.’

Mr Ngawhare said his family has never climbed the mountain because it is believed to be an ancestor.

‘I accept people climb up to the summit, but what we do ask is that people be respectful.’

Ms Cook, who lives with Josh on the Gold Coast in Australia, argued that being naked is natural and not disrespectful.

‘[The photo’s] not crude or explicit in any way. We made ourselves knowledgeable on the history of the mountain. We were quite respectful. Being nude is not something that is offensive in anyway. It’s natural and pure and it’s about freedom and empowerment,’ she told Stuff.co.nz.

Ms Cook told Daily Mail Australia she’s not surprised the picture has drawn some criticism but chalked it up to it ‘being a matter of opinion.’

‘It’s just point of view. We believe that we were very respectful, we were picking up others people’s rubbish that was left up there and we made ourselves aware of the culture.’

The Playboy playmate said by the time the couple reached the top of the mountain, they were exhausted but exhilarated.

‘It was an impulse to strip off and feel the cold air and embrace it a bit.’

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  1. BobF says:

    Sacred? There are tribes that run around naked in New Zealand.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    BobF, Butt, Butt, Butt the “tribes” are made up of indigenous “victims” of the oppression from the rich people who are able to stand atop a mountain and air their shaven twats in the Ozone.

    Wait. Does airing your twat atop a sacred mountain cause Global Warming?

    If so, then Al Gore will get in on the suing action.

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