A Florida college awarded Trayvon “Skittles” Martin an honorary degree in aeronautics.


And, “Why now?”

I suspect the school is suffering form enrollment issues and needed to get their name out there. One thing is certain, if my son wanted an aeronautical degree that school is the LAST place I’d send him.

This has got to be a prank.

Come on…….

Skittles used to get high all the time.

And now he gets a posthumous degree in “flying?”

Five years after his death sparked international dialog about racism, social justice and community policing, Trayvon Martin will be honored for the industrial ambitions he held as a teenager growing up in Sanford, FL. Florida Memorial University will posthumously award a bachelor’s of aeronautical science to Martin, to be received by his parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin during the school’s annual spring commencement ceremony on May 13.

Officials say the degree honors Martin’s life-long dream of becoming a pilot, and continues to highlight the family’s commitment to social justice. Martin’s parents, both social justice activists and co-founders of The Trayvon Martin Foundation, which is housed on the FMU campus.

“As we approach 50 years in Miami Gardens, this commencement holds a special place in all of our hearts. This academic year is symbolic of the transformative changes that we continue tomake to our academic programs that extend to benefit the community, such as our Cybersecurity degree program and Cyber Warrior Diversity center that offers certificates to local residents and professionals,” said Florida Memorial President Roslyn Clark-Artis. “Of special significance is awarding posthumously the Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation to Trayvon Martin. Sybrina, our alum, epitomizes strength and dignity as she uplifts other victims of violence while effecting change for a more equal and just society.”

Florida Memorial University is also one of four universities nationally designated as a CESSNA pilot center.

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  1. BobF says:

    What a joke and an insult to those who worked hard to get their degrees. People who have lifelong dreams of being a pilot don’t fulfill their dreams with drugs and by being a thug.

  2. dekare says:

    I don’t get it? Why an aeronautics degree for trayvon? I get maybe a degree in metallurgy, as trayvon has a much better understanding than most of what certain metals feel like when they enter the body. Or maybe they should have given him a physics degree, where you learn that two thing cannot occupy the same space at the same time…like trayvon’s body and that bullet both trying to be in the same place at the same time. Or maybe even a chemistry degree, as trayvon did show an astonishing ability to mix certain ingredients together t get purple drank. Or finally, maybe a degree in mortuary studies, as trayvon has experience in being dead.

    yup…I just don’t get aeronautics and what it has to be with being a scumbag nigger.

  3. dekare says:

    …and for the record, they completely misunderstood trayvon when he was asked what he wanted to do with his life. He did not say he wanted to be a pilot….he said he wanted to get high for the rest of his life. These idiots really need to listen better.

  4. redneckgeezer says:

    If he’d lived, he’d have certainly gotten the Nobel Peace Prize, in honor of his father, Ovomit.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    I may be wrong but I think it’s “fake news” on the internet.

    I don’t watch them. Anyone see it on the Libtard MSM news feeds? If it was true they’d be featuring it in 10 minute time-slots.

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