Whatever Happened to the Rule of Law?

I was born in the People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado. Most people in the area are completely unaware that Boulder was the center of Republican politics for many years. One of my father’s college friends was the U.S. Congress Representative for that district, Donald Brotzman. I went to school from kindergarten through high school with his daughter. It was a quiet and pleasant town. In 1967 I graduated from high school and joined the U.S. Navy. Upon my return four years later, Donald Brotzman had been defeated and replaced by Democrat Timothy Wirth. (You may remember Wirth as the mover and shaker in the breakup of AT&T.) The congressional district has never voted Republican since and Boulder has spiraled out of control to become one of the most liberal cities in the nation.

In the northeast corner of Boulder County lies the town of Longmont, Colorado. Longmont was a quiet farm town of 5,000-10,000 residents when I was a kid. In 1977 I moved from Boulder to Longmont – mostly to get away from the liberal crap Boulder consistently dished out. Now, Longmont is over 100,000 and the liberal politics of Boulder County have finally swept up Longmont and the entire county is one big liberal shithole. For the past several weeks the town has been having council meetings with discussion on becoming an official “Sanctuary City.” There are many Mexican illegals here. There children go to schools here and they get free assistance to many of the resources for which the city residents pay. With Donald Trump president, the libtards have decided the time is ripe to join the bandwagon of resistance to the federal government. How this plays out, is yet to be seen. My hope is that this isn’t done, as it is the hope of many of the citizens here.The icing on the cake of this discussion was a couple of days ago. The Boulder County Sheriff, Boulder County District Attorney, and the Police Chiefs of all the large cities in the county all met at a county theater to have a reading regarding undocumented immigrants. The entire narrative of this fine gathering is available at the link, but here’s what pissed me off the most:

Longmont Public Safety Chief Mike Butler stood side-by-side with Hugo Juarez, a local undocumented immigrant, and told the story of Juarez’s frustration at being labeled a criminal despite his many accomplishments.

After the reading, Butler declared that Juarez is not a criminal.

“Having a police officer saying it to me and reading my story, that’s powerful,” Juarez said. “It opens up doors. It’s OK to talk to police. It’s OK to report crimes.”

I was a police officer in this city at one point in my life. I moved on to another career in 1979. Police work wasn’t something I wanted to make a career. I don’t know this police chief, he arrived quite some time after I left. He’s public persona has always led me to believe he was a good chief. My opinion changed as soon as I read the above. As stated in the above title, “Whatever happened to the Rule of Law?”

This man is the top law enforcement officer in the city, yet he declares that a person who has entered this country illegally is not a criminal. I beg to differ. Federal law says otherwise. Butler took the same oath I did, in which he swore to uphold and enforce all laws. He doesn’t get to pick and choose. If I had my way, he’d be fired tomorrow.

Do I want him to order the officers of my local police department to start doing sweeps for illegals? No, that’s not there primary job. That’s the job of ICE. But, if his officers come across one of these “undocumented” immigrants and it comes to their attention that they’re here illegally, they ought to enforce the law and contact ICE. These people need to be deported.

I’m saddened to see the town in which I live cater to this progressive bullshit idea that people who break the law are not criminals. If that’s the case, I ought to be able to drive down to the local bank and make as large a withdrawal as I please, either by asking nicely or by sticking a gun to the teller’s head. It’s no different. No difference whatsoever.

I pay for the education of the children of these people, their health care, their food, and who knows what else. I’m damn sick and tired of it. Frankly, it’s my belief that if these free benefits were removed, a large percentage of these people would turn around and go back to their home country. Still, that’s not the point. The point is, we have laws that specify how an immigrant enters this country. Any who enter without following these laws are in fact criminals. Send them home.

I’d love to see all the law enforcement officers who attended this function removed from  office. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.

One last note, I’d move away in a heartbeat. I truly despise the state, county, and town in which I live. However, I love my bride of 43 years. My youngest son and his family also live here and she wants to be near her grandchildren. I respect her wishes, but I pray that my son finds work elsewhere and moves. When that happens, I’ll be out of here so fast it will make her head spin.


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  1. BobF says:

    Longmont Public Safety Chief Mike Butler stood side-by-side with Hugo Juarez, a local undocumented immigrant, and told the story of Juarez’s frustration at being labeled a criminal despite his many accomplishments.

    I suppose Chief Butler would also sing the praises of Al Capone. After all, Al started the first soup kitchens during the Great Depression and because of him, many were able to eat and survive.

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