There were some assholes protesting in Durham, NC and they were blocking a street.

A guy in a pickup truck refused to be stopped by them and drive right through them.

None got hurt. His truck got damaged.

He will not be prosecuted.

Well, I fucking hope not given the protesters had no permit to block that road.

And the special snowflakes were pissing in their panties whining about how people “with different mobilities” might not have been able to get out of the way.

REALLY?!?! Different mobilities? Fuck these P.C. assholes.

The driver of a large pickup truck who ignored protesters in a Durham street on Monday afternoon and drove through the crowd will not be cited, police confirmed.

No one was hurt, but several protesters outside the Durham County Jail tried to stop the truck from driving through their rally.

The protesters said they did not have a permit to close the road.

Several protesters with orange vests first made contact with the truck, with some standing in front of the truck and at least one person hitting it with a sign.

The truck, which was towing a trailer, went through the crowd around 6 p.m. on S. Mangum Street near W. Pettigrew Street.

In video shot by CBS North Carolina, the truck appeared to be a dark blue Ram 2500 Heavy Duty 4×4.

“There were kids there. There were people with different mobilities that weren’t able to run and pick up and move,” said protester Christine Hawn. “And so, everyone, no one was injured, but it was really scary and it was scary to see that blatant disregard for human well-being.”

The protesters were at the Durham Police Department before moving to the jail.

Durham police said the driver will not be cited in connection with the incident.

After protesting at the jail, the group went to the Durham City Council meeting.

The organizers of the protest were Durham Beyond Policing Campaign, Black Youth Project 100 and Inside-Outside Alliance.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Even 50 baboons can’t stop a well motivated Southern Caucasian in a Ford F-150 with a solid aftermarket front bumper.

    Hint to all you vine-swinging handicapped assholes. Don’t want to get hit by a vehicle? Don’t stand in the road. Dang, even a 5 year old white kind knows that. He or she was taught by their daddy. OOP’s, daddy means the male in the family. Then again in some cultures Male and family have no word equivalents in their language.

  2. grayjohn says:

    The law regarding this should read, “Get hit? Tough shit.”

  3. Leonard Jones says:

    Dekare beat me to it!

  4. Leonard Jones says:

    PS One of my lottery dream vehicles is the South African Marauder MRAP. Even
    the civilian version is armored. Picture a full sized Hummer wagon on steroids!

    This is my lottery dream vehicle. You have to climb steps to get into the doors
    which are about 4′ to the bottom of the door. This would be an ideal vehicle to
    play Death Race 2,000 with the pinko assholes! But just driving around flipping
    of tofu eating Prius owners would be good too.

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