Her ancestors did it in the jungles.

She did it at an airport.

A shocking video shows the bizarre moment a woman walks naked through a terminal inside Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon inside the popular airport’s Terminal B where hundreds of Delta Airlines flights arrive and depart daily.

A video shared to Twitter shows the woman casually strolling by several travelers as she’s completely naked.

At one point, she shouts, ‘whew Jesus’, before stopping and bending over while grabbing her butt cheeks.

‘Hey every f***ing body, look at how f***ed up my p**** is and I don’t give a f***,’ the unidentified woman shouts.

She then stands upright before continuing to walk and shout, ‘I don’t give a f***.’

Several travelers kept walking past the woman as others stop dead in their tracks appearing to be shocked at what she’s doing.

Police said the woman bought a ticket with cash before stripping naked and walking around inside the terminal, WXIA reported.

She was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Her condition is unknown at this time and it’s unclear if she will face charges.

A representative from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport could not be reached for comment.

Several people took to social media who were in the airport at the time of the incident to express their shock and amusement.

One person wrote: ‘Anyone get to see the completely naked woman walking around Conc B at @ATLairport a few minutes ago? #Delta #ATL’.

Another person wrote: ‘In ATL airport right now and there is a naked woman running around the airport showing people her private areas’.

Atlanta airport has been the world’s busiest airport since 2000. In 2015, more than 101million passengers passed through it, according to Airports Council International’s 2015 World Airport Report.

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  1. grayjohn says:

    Taze, medicate and confine.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    No grayjohn,

    The banana dildo using she devil would come back to repeat her silliness after an Obama appointed judge let her go.
    Effective action: 9mm upholstered, headshot-kill and into a wood chipper.

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