He wants to raise gasoline taxes.

And before you get all “I don’t trust the media to report this correctly” please note that Spicer is pushing back against it, defending his boss.

Now, place yourselves in situations of 8 years passed when Obongo would say something, he’d be jumped on by it and his press secretary would defend him. Only for us to find out days/weeks/months later it was going to happen anyway?


Trump’s already admitted he wants to spends hundreds of billions on infrastructure.

Where else is the money going to come from?

And with a worthless POS Congress who can’t remember they are republicans who WON THE FUCKING ELECTION you know we’re doomed.

n an interview with Bloomberg, President Trump expressed support for hiking the gasoline tax, as a way to fund future infrastructure projects.

‘It’s something that I would certainly consider,’ the president said during an Oval Office sit-down, explaining it was an idea supporters by truckers ‘if we earmarked money toward the highways.’

But several hours after the admission, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was pushing back saying ‘there was no endorsement of it, or support of it.’

According to Spicer, Trump was merely sharing that the truckers were for a plan that would use additional proceeds raised from a higher gas tax to go toward fixing roads.

‘What the president said during that interview was that folks from the industry had come to him and expressed to him how the deteriorating roads were affecting their ability to deliver goods and services throughout this country,’ Spicer explained.

‘And that they had expressed a willingness to see something like that as a way to help pay for it to repair the roads and bridges,’ Spicer continued.

Spicer said that ‘out of respect’ Trump said he ‘would listen to them and consider it.’

When Jon Decker of Fox News Radio tried following up, Spicer replied, ‘I think you’re missing’ that Trump ‘did not express support for it.’

‘He expressed that a group had met with him, expressed support with it and then he, out of respect, said he would consider their request,’ the press secretary said.

Gas taxes were last raised in 1993.

Revenues have declined as inflation has eaten up the proceeds, while at the same time, vehicles have gotten more economical, Bloomberg pointed out.

Business and transportation groups have called for an uptick in funding to keep the Highway Trust Fund solvent, but they haven’t been successful with groups like Americans for Tax Reform, headed by Grover Norquist, making lawmakers sign a pledge committed to no new taxes.

Trump released a tax plan on April 26, which contained just broad-based outlines, with more detail expected to come later.

The Trump tax proposal was silent on a gas tax hike.

‘Everything is a starting point,’ Trump told Bloomberg of the plan.

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  1. redneckgeezer says:

    I’ll continue to support Trump, but the one thing he’s done so far that I truly don’t understand was to signoff on the Democrap budget. I understand we’d be far worse off with HilLIARy, but with the Democraps controlling Congress, what’s the point of any of the things he does? I’ve said for several election cycles I’d give up on voting for a Republican’t ever again and I think I’m close to finally doing so. I’m old enough it doesn’t much matter for me, but I feel sorry for my children and their children. Oh, and to top it off, I now live in a sanctuary city. If I get out of my apathetic mood, I’ll have to post about it. Sad.

  2. Eskyman says:

    It must be nice to be on the Left. Nancy Pelousy could say that everyone has to jump into a volcano, and all she’d hear from her supporters is their whole-hearted assent; most of ’em would already have jumped, as soon as they figured out what she was trying to say (she’s both senile and an idiot, so it’s often hard to understand what she means.)

    On the Left, it doesn’t matter in the slightest if a proposal is evil, or bad judgement, or crazy, or will have the opposite effect than what’s intended; if it will ruin the country, they don’t care. The only thing that matters is that one of their insane “Leaders” proposed it; that’s all the lemmings need, to start running toward the cliff. They’ll viciously fight for their right to murder each other and themselves!

    Ah, but not so on the Right. We’re the thinkers, the quiet achievers, the rational ones. Yeah, right.

    In President Trump we have the best President that has been elected in the past two hundred years. He’s 100% pro-America; he’s not bought & paid for like virtually all Presidents have been for a long, long time. On top of that, he is opposed by just about EVERYONE in the entire Political Establishment (the Uniparty, including both heads of it, the R head and the D head; the #LyingMedia; the bureaucrats in the behemoth that’s known as the Federal Government; all the Globalists; Wall St; the Judiciary; the Trial Lawyers; etc, etc.) He’s also opposed by nearly all the foreign governments, even ones that are supposed to be our allies.

    It would sure be nice if you’d pick on THOSE scumbags instead of the one man who’s trying to fix the damn system!

    It just beats me why those of us on the Right always, always, always have to have total 100% conservative purity, or we form a circular firing squad and blow the hell out of ourselves, while the evil ones on the Left laugh and applaud. Just beats me! Seems like it happens every time, though. SMH.

    BTW- I’ve now left the Republican Party. If they stand for nothing but “me too!,” they don’t need me to stand with them. Sent Rep. Darryl Issa a long email telling him the same things I’ve said here.

  3. only way we will ever be able to pay down the debt is to take in more taxes than gets spent, AND to stop borrowing a third of the budget every year. That said, our infrastructure needs serious work. So I’ll be willing to pay a little more taxes, as long as the work gets done properly and for a reasonable price. This $5 billion per mile BS for the border fence is intolerable, and that’s just one of many wasteful projects. California high speed rail? Dump it now, get your money back. Corn subsidy for gasahol, when we’re floating on oceans of oil? Bye bye, right now. Cut the crap, drain the swamp, lay off half the federal government, tear up 2/3 of the anti-business and over-zealous regulations. And that’s just a start. Now start spending wisely. No more $3 billion shallow water navy ships made of aluminum foil. No more $300 million fighter planes. Get real.

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