United Airlines execs are due to meet Congress over that guy removed from a flight.

Let’s recap: we have a Republican Congress elected by the people to make sure jobs are available using mechanisms such as adjusted trade accords, reduction of taxes, building of a wall to keep out illegals and reduce government spending on programs republicans don’t believe their money should be used for (abortion.)

What exactly what is it Congress hopes to accomplish talking to these assholes whose bottom lines are going to be affected through capitalistic pressures like supply/demand and choice?

Why are they wasting time on this nonsense which will accomplish NOTHING all the while we still have no tax cuts, no jobs, no wall and continued funding for abortions?

United Airlines executives will visit Capitol Hill on Tuesday to face lawmakers’ questions about the forcible removal of a passenger on an overbooked flight last month, an incident that provoked international outrage.

United Chief Executive Oscar Munoz’s appearance before the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will test how the Republican-led Congress addresses company misconduct at a time of sweeping deregulation in Washington. Republicans largely back President Donald Trump’s push to undo industry rules and regulations they say hamper business growth.

Joining Munoz at the hearing will be United President Scott Kirby as well as executives from American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines and a consumers’ union consultant.

The executives will be grilled on the growing consumer anger directed at airlines, which came to a head when Dr. David Dao was dragged from a United flight at a Chicago airport on April 9 to make room for crew members on the aircraft.

It is the chance to learn “what is being done to improve service for the flying public,” Committee Chairman Bill Shuster, a Republican, said in a statement.

Representative Rick Larsen, the top Democrat on the House panel’s aviation subcommittee, told Reuters he expected it to be “very pointed” and that executives should anticipate “pretty rough” questions.

United last week reached a settlement with the 69-year-old Dao, whose removal prompted intense public backlash when fellow passengers released video online showing aviation police dragging him down the aisle as passengers cried out and gasped at his bloodied face.

United also changed its policies by offering passengers who give up their seats up to $10,000 and by reducing overbooked flights. The airline has promised to no longer call on law enforcement officers to deny ticketed passengers their seats.

Southwest said last week it would end overbooking altogether.

Airline executives are expected at Tuesday’s hearing to outline specific actions they have taken or will take to try to prevent future incidents such as the one on the United flight, congressional aides said.

A U.S. Senate panel will hold a separate hearing on Thursday.

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5 Responses to EXPLAIN THIS TO ME

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    We’re DOOMED!

  2. because government minions love to waste time and your money.

  3. BobF says:

    United screwed up big time and they admitted it. Why in world does Congress have to get involved with this? Don’t they have enough to do? No wonder this nation is so screwed up.

  4. redneckgeezer says:

    I need to jump on a United flight to D.C. and give these guys a piece of my mind. No, wait… I think it’s Delta… maybe American. The heck with it, I’ll go ride that high speed train in California. I’m sure glad the government is helping me out so much, without them I might actually live a stress free life. Bogside beat me to it again. We really are doomed.

  5. Republi☭ans and Demo☭rats…two sides of the same coin!

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