Firefighter’s wallet gets returned years later.

I read it twice.

Something’s not right.

More than a decade after it went missing, a Tacoma, Washington firefighter had his wallet returned to him in the mail by an anonymous good Samaritan.

Dean McAuley’s wife Stacy discovered the package, which contained her husband’s driver’s license, credit cards, $11 in cash, and a handwritten, unsigned note.

The letter was dated a month prior, on March 29, and detailed the altruist’s attempts over the years to return the wallet to it’s rightful owner.

The note read: ‘Mr McAuley – I found your wallet outside of a Mexican restaurant years ago. I made several attempts to get it back to you to no avail. I was reluctant to just pass it off to your bank or to the local police as they would not make any attempt to return it to you.

‘Just recently I found it in my desk at work and found your address on the Pierce County assessor’s website. I apologize it took so long but I had actually forgot about it after a while.’

McAuley now hopes that he can find his anonymous friend, who wrote the note on paper from the Inn at Langley, King 5 reported.

The Valley Regional Fire Authority worker and father said he barely remembered even losing the wallet, but thinks he likely misplaced it while on a scuba diving trip 13 years ago in Langley, Washington.

At that time, he was not married and did not have children, and was just starting his job as a firefighter.

‘It does take me back because at that time, as anyone getting into the fire department knows, your focus becomes just tunnel vision just doing your job,’ he said.

Aside from representing a chapter of his old life, it also represents a life lesson that McAuley now wants to pass on to his four-year-old son Collin.

‘I’d love to find this person. I would say thank you for giving my son an example that’s going to go on for generations,’ he said.

It has nothing to do with the money, it has nothing to do with a wallet. It has to do with character,’ McAuley said. ‘This note, I’m going to save forever and it’s always going to be about doing the right thing when nobody is looking.’

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  1. taminator013 says:

    Okay, a guy found the wallet with a driver’s license in it. There’s the address he needs right there. Why didn’t he send it to that address right away? He was reluctant to give it to the police or the guy’s bank because they wouldn’t do anything to get it back to him? What a crock. And how could he lose it in his desk for all those years?

  2. Maybe Washington didn’t put your address on the license? Sounds dumb, but it could be. After all, I read in the news that New Mexico courts are suddenly buried under paperwork, because now the state has to comply with federal rules … put into place just after 9/11 … that say your documents have to be in your actual legal name. Guess everybody in NM had “Bubba Joe” or “Chief Lotsa Bull” on their IDs and stuff. But NOW it’s an issue … 16 years AFTER the law was passed. Oy vey.

    No, actually I think it’s BS too. I’m 99.68% positive WA had the address on the DL even back then. And if that story is new news, then 11 years ago was 2006; by that point just about every state had photo DLs. Heck, in NJ we had to jump through hoops to prove we were citizens to get the new “secure” license … which corrupt officials then started selling out of the back of their cars. Double oy vey.

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