Restoring the Rule of Law

Trump hasn’t done everything he’s promised. He’s been hamstrung by the Democraps, Republican’ts, and several black robed tyrants. I’d like to see him do more and it’s in my nature to complain when he doesn’t, but the one thing he appears to be doing well is the restoration of the rule of law. I have to remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day anymore than United States can be rebuilt in a day. All in due time.

Much is being written about what the Trump administration has accomplished in its first 100 days, but one achievement has been largely overlooked: its efforts to restore us to being a nation based on the rule of law. That is just as important as the many other tasks that the administration has undertaken.One of the president’s most sacred duties under the Constitution in Art. II, Sec. 3 is to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” That was not a duty that the Obama administration seemed to take seriously, particularly when it came to enforcing our federal immigration laws.

The Obama administration claimed it was using “prosecutorial discretion” to justify providing administrative amnesty, work permits, and other government benefits to illegal aliens in direct conflict with applicable law and the administration’s obligation to detain, prosecute and deport those who violated our federal immigration statutes and regulations.

The Obama administration also refused (under the guise of prosecutorial discretion) to enforce certain federal drug laws on marijuana and other laws it did not like, such as a provision of the National Voter Registration Act that requires election officials to maintain accurate voter rolls. President Obama acted as if he had a veto power over statutes that were already the law of the land.

President Donald Trump has begun the difficult task of reversing his predecessor’s expansive and likely unconstitutional actions and restoring the rule of law, starting with his pick of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Getting that done within the first 100 days and putting a conservative on the Court who has a demonstrated record of applying the Constitution and federal law as written is an important accomplishment that has the potential to last for decades—long beyond the Trump administration.

Read the whole thing at Fox News.

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1 Response to Restoring the Rule of Law

  1. Eskyman says:

    Totally agree with your take, Antz.

    Two things that cheer me up every morning when I arise:

    1. Hillary Clinton will NEVER EVER EVER be President; and
    2. Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court (and with any luck at all, there’ll be more to join him soon!)

    It’s important to think of all that President Trump HAS managed to accomplish, even with 89% negative coverage by the #LyingMedia (89%!!!) and the biggest is the restoration of the Rule of Law. As it is, there is so very much to untangle and undo. I love the chopping of the bureaucracy and the undoing of regulations! (The Uniparty doesn’t. They are not happy. Tough shit!)

    Also, I love your term “Republican’ts”- it seems so obvious, but I’ve never heard that one before! Those are the miscreants I’d love to see in front of a firing squad. They’re supposed to be on OUR side, but they keep shooting at US, while cooperating with the ENEMY! Grrrrr!! Paul F’n Ryan, are your ears burning? They should be! As for Traitor McCain, he should have been hanged long ago!

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