What a POS mother, too.

Skanks, both. Plain and simple.

Danielle Bregoli, the rowdy teenager who shot to fame on Dr. Phil with her infectious catchphrase ‘Cash me ousside, how bow dah?’, appeared in a Florida court on Wednesday.

The 14-year-old pleaded not guilty to five juvenile felony charges including battery, grand theft and filing a false police report at South County Courthouse in Delray Beach.

She will return to the court to stand trial as a juvenile in June.

Danielle was joined for the appearance by her burly bodyguard Frank and her 49-year-old mother Barbara Ann who is the alleged victim in each charge.

Barbara Ann, who took her on Dr. Phil to address her problematic behavior last year, proudly toted her beloved Louis Vuitton handbag.

Danielle sported a fresh manicure and showed off her spiked false nails in all their splendor as she left the courthouse.

The pair have relocated from their modest Boynton Beach home to Los Angeles since Danielle’s appearance which made her an overnight sensation.

Since taunting Dr. Phil’s studio audience with the catchphrase, she has appeared in music videos and gathered an Instagram following of 9.2million.

She now refuses to go anywhere without her bodyguard who even joined the family for Easter Sunday lunch.

Danielle, who turned 14 earlier this year, is determined to ride the wave of notoriety all the way to a Hollywood career but her legal woes threaten to thwart her plans.

All of the charges against Danielle stem from incidents involving her mother at their home.

‘She’s not famous. She’s a child that’s being exploited,’ he told The Palm Beach Post last month.

He has revived a custody battle against Danielle’s mother.

Danielle’s star rose after her appearance on the show last October. Her mother brought her to Dr. Phil McGraw in the hope that he would be able to help correct her problematic behavior.

Instead, she became an internet star and the pair returned to the show months later with lists of demands and a haughty attitude.

Barbara Ann claimed her daughter was responsible for high ratings and that the show’s producers were indebted to them as a result.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Are Danielle, Barbara and Frank a nightly Ménage a Trois? And does Dr. Phil stop past once in a while to video the triangular hi-jinx for his “The psychology and multiple options in construction the of a three layer sandwich consisting of 2 clams in cream sauce?

    By the way, Danielle has tits to die for. I’d jump on those babies in a heartbeat. However, In my case the “dying” wouldn’t be from Frank’s 9mm, but from a massive coronary.

  2. redneckgeezer says:

    Bogside, if you check the Hot/Crazy Matrix, you’d find them in the “NO GO ZONE”.

  3. bookooball says:

    Eww. That jewess is disgusting. If you can’t get over her tits, you are a sad chump.

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