When will we be able to sue ragheads for not uncovering their females when they enter our homes? After all, in our culture women don’t cover up?

A landlord was ordered to pay a camel fellating, pedophile prophet worshiping couple because he did not take off his shoes when in their home.

t didn’t help his case that he shared a joke about a devout Muslim on his Facebook page.

Now the small landlord who rented out the main floor of his Brampton home to an Arab Muslim couple must pay them $12,000 for failing to accommodate their religious practices when showing their apartment to prospective tenants.

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario also found that he “harassed them and created a poisoned housing environment.”

His sins? John Alabi refused to remove his shoes when showing the bedroom where the couple prayed and while he always gave them the mandated 24-hour notice before showings, he didn’t always provide the five-minute heads-up they’d requested to ensure the wife was modestly dressed and they weren’t in the midst of their five daily prayers.

“There was absolutely no evidence that the applicants’ requests for additional notice and for the removal of shoes in this case were an attempt by them to impose their way of life on the respondent or anyone else,” ruled vice chair Jo-Anne Pickel. “(They) were merely making simple requests for the accommodation of their religious practices … their requests easily could have been met without any hardship to the respondent, let alone any undue hardship as that term is used in human rights law.”

In December 2014, Walid Madkour and his wife Heba Ismail moved from Montreal into Alabi’s ground-floor apartment. Following several disputes, including the couple allegedly wanting their landlord to be quiet after 10 p.m., they agreed to terminate the lease on Feb. 28, 2015.

In the meantime, Alabi tried to rent out the unit. Madkhour wanted a one-hour notification of any showing in addition to the 24-hour notice.

Alabi told him that by law, only 24 hours was necessary. Madkhour accused him of “racism and violation of our civil rights:” Since his landlord was well aware that Ismail was unemployed and always home, “he considered it harassment for (Alabi) to continue to say that he would enter the premises without permission.”

Alabi texted back: “Welcome to Ontario, Canada.”

The landlord told the hearing that he meant that apartment viewing rules were different in Ontario than in Quebec where the couple had last lived. The human rights tribunal saw it as another example of discrimination.

That same evening, Ismail heard loud pounding on the steps outside their door; Alabi said he was just shovelling the snow; she said it was intimidating and frightening.

The couple called police.

They were told that contrary to their understanding, their landlord had a right to show the apartment when they were home. As a “courtesy,” Alabi agreed to give them five minutes notice in addition to the 24 hours. But that negotiated detente ended two days later after Ismail videotaped Alabi refusing to remove his shoes when entering their bedroom. “She said it was disrespectful and an act of racism.”

Alabi told the hearing that his shoes had never been an issue before and accused his tenants of trying to set up roadblocks to his renting their flat. He also accused them of trying to impose their way of life on him and said “the fact that someone belongs to a religion does not permit them to inconvenience others.”

The tribunal didn’t see it that way — especially after the tenants introduced their landlord’s Facebook page that had a “joke” about a devout Arab Muslim that they found offensive. Alabi told the hearing “he had freedom of speech and could post what he wanted on his Facebook page … He did not share the post to attack anyone. He said he shared it only because it made him laugh.”

Be careful what you post online — Pickel saw it as further evidence of his bias.

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  1. BobF says:

    She said it was disrespectful and an act of racism.” So, Islam is no longer a religion but a race?

    The sound of shoveling snow is intimidating and frightening?

    That’s what happens when you rent to Muslims.

  2. dekare says:

    To follow the logic of BobF above…if this is what happens when you rent to muslims….what do we do to keep this from happening? Simple, do NOT rent to muslims.

    I saw a poster that showed our Twin Towers on 9/11, burning, and the caption stated…”How did we go from this….to being afraid of offending muslims?”

    I agree…what the hell happened. 9/11 was the best thing to happen to muslims since the propeht mohammed reared his ugly pedophile head. I didn’t know anything about islam, but today, I know way too much…more than I ever wanted. I know they have more rights than I do. I know that I can be offended by them every day, but I am not allowed to look in their direction with anything but a smile on my face. We have become a backward country. And the reason is simple, leftist and liberals are in charge. They are in charge of our media, our govt, and our schools to name a few things. How do we stop this? How do we compete? Our side is trying to play nice and play fair, with the other side stacking the deck, making the rules, owning the media, raising our youth, and stuffing our ballot boxes. Playing fair I fear, will not take our country back. I am truly afraid that our world is headed for one of two scenarios. The complete extinction of conservatism, capitalism and freedom….or….civil war. We are drifting toward a future that our Founding Fathers never intended. We are fighting a radical force, and we must in turn become radical as well if we are to stem the tide of socialism and third world takeover. Sadly, the GOP has neither the organization the left does, the spine (or the balls) to do what needs to be done, or the backing of We The People on the scale that is needed.

    I am not old, but I am not young. I have my home, my finances are in order, my retirement is well on its way to being what it needs to be, and I have roughly 25-35 years left on this planet. The way I figure it, I should be checking out just about the time the SHTF….and I am coming close to the point of no longer giving a shit. My pessimism today has left me with a feeling of I no longer care. What is going to happen is going to happen. Rome never thought it would fall…but it did. And not from outside forces, but from the rot from within. History is full of great and powerful societies that were too big to fail…until they did. Today, these once great civilzations are reduced to a pile of rubble, some notes and a few paintings…nothing more. We are no better.

    I do wonder however…who is the next big thing? Will it be China? Will it be islamic control? Or will it be chaos and darkess for a thousand years like it was from the day Rome fell until the age of enlightenment and things started to get better again? I wonder, what people several generations after the fall of Rome must of thought. Stories of a great society where clean water flowed, food was plenty, and rule of law was respected. Hearing of this while they scratched in the dirt for sustenance that barely kept them alive, always fearful of bandits, and living and dying with nothing. They must have thought history to be a fairy tale. Like our current stories of the cities of gold that are not real. They saw the ruins, and thought how was this done. These people must have been gods to build something so grand.

    That will be the way things are in what?…100 years….200 years? All I know is that this will be the future if great strides to rid civilization of the forces that want to destroy us. Islam wants us dead. Liberals want socialism…which will most certainly lead to communism…which is death as well.

    The only solace I take is that one day, when the libs get there way, and socialism does takeover, and they get their wish, is that they will learn only after it is too late, that they will realize how wrong they were. These morons think that socialism means everyone is equally wealthy and happy…when the truth, as we here all know, is that we will actually be all equally poor, equally suffering, and equally miserable. These same idiots have only to look at cuba, russia, china and every other socialized country to see the results of their wish. But they stupidly believe that somehow, this time it will work. They are like Bullwinkle trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat….This Time For Sure.

    As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

  3. Eskyman says:

    Well said, dekare. You speak for me as well, though I’m older (and poorer; the 2008 crash took out my retirement funds- oh, how I now wish I’d put more of my money into gold.)

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