Asshole comes to the US, is a homosexual, has AIDS, overstays visa and is now whining about being caught.

And we’re supposed to believe that because he’s a faggot with AIDS we’re now responsible for his health care?

Send him back to Putin who has a cure waiting. 100% effective against AIDS and guaranteed to never allow re-infection.

A Russian man who is gay and HIV-positive has been detained at a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility for over a month.

Denis Davydov, 30, has lived in the San Jose area since September 2014, when he entered the country legally.

But he was taken into custody by ICE agents after they found out he had overstayed his visa.

Davydov argued that he has applied for political asylum, insisting he would be at risk of imprisonment or even death if he returned to his native Russia.

In early March, he took a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. When he came back into the country, he encountered ICE agents.

‘They checked his documents, and he said they were trying really hard to find something wrong,’ Sergey Piskunov with RUSA LGBT, a group for Russian-speaking members of the LGBT community, told KRON-4.

‘They put him on a plane to Miami and transported him to Florida.’

‘He’s a gay man and HIV-positive,’ Piskunov said. ‘Russia is not the best place for either of those and he’s a combination of both.’

An ICE official confirmed to KRON that Davydov was arrested and is in custody at the Krome Detention Center in Miami.

The TV station was not able to find out any more information about what is happening to Davydov or when he might be released.

According to Piskunov, Davydov is receiving his daily HIV medication, but has been unable to see a doctor.

‘This is one of the reasons we really want to get him out of there,’ he said.

Piskunov said a return to Russia will mean almost certain death.

‘I believe he’s not going to live too long,’ he said. ‘They have money for war in Ukraine, Crimea, Syria – they have money for all these military expenses but they don’t have money for the medical system. And they don’t care.’

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Deliver him back via a B2’s Bombay. On second thought a falling object infected with AIDS would be considered “germ warfare”. Better send him to the crematory and settle for an ash drop.

  2. In Britain we get ten of thousands of knee grows from Africa who use this excuse to avoid removal. What a fucked up world it is when vermin like that can come and get millions in free medical courtesy of the taxpayer. The judges that sanction this shit should be forced to pay for the treatment and house them.

  3. Tough shit Boris!

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