At first they start local activism demanding “rights.”

Then they go statewide with their demands.

Then they get elected to political office and start demanding terrorists get insurance payoffs when they die committing acts of terror.

The problem here is the people in her district are mostly6 other ragheads so she’ll never lose re-election.

But soon there will be more ragheads in office and something this ludicrous WILL pass.

“Whether you are disturbed by her audacity or the terroristic actions for which she evidently believes compensation is due, you are correct!”

When absurd news strikes, I process, introspect, nauseate, and realize diversity comes with some pollutants in the air. What you are about to read is a Muslim Minnesota legislator’s arrogant swift kick to the teeth, seeking insurance-based redress for jihadis and the carnage they cause.

Minnesota bill HF1397 (“Life insurance payments limited for beneficiaries of persons furthering terrorism”) authored by State Representative Joe Hoppe (R – Twin Cities) et al., soared in numbers of lawmakers in support and succeeded the House. But it met opposition from Muslim Representative Ilhan Omar (D – Minneapolis).

Ilhan Omar, a Somali woman who is touted as the nation’s first female Muslim lawmaker, currently presiding in the Minnesota House of Representatives, was one of two elected officials voting against the bill to deny life insurance benefits to radical terrorist policyholders who perpetrated tragedy resulting in loss of innocent lives. If you find that reprehensible, then we stand together with countless others. The entire notion defies logic, reason, and principles of humanity. With Ms. Omar’s preposterous perspective, not even a crumb of compunction is evident.

Under her political website’s “Engaging Our Community” tab, Representative Omar beckons for “everyone to chip in.” That is an interesting choice of words, given her stance favoring paying terrorist-affiliated beneficiaries. Apparently, this is how she feels a 2016, first-term election win is to be endeavored. As an elected democrat, this is the democracy she envisions for her constituency. It is nothing shy of befuddling and infuriating.

On her Twitter account bio, Rep. Omar describes herself as an “intersectional feminist, mom, State Representative for #mnleg 60B.”

Whether you are disturbed by her audacity or the terroristic actions for which she evidently believes compensation is due, you are correct! Some ideas have alternate meanings and resolutions; this one has no way for which anyone can stand defiantly. Yet she does.

If I were a Minnesota law enforcement officer, I’d be incensed by such heinous ideas from state lawmakers like Ilhan Omar. (We’ll examine her “Police Reform” philosophies in a moment.)

Ms. Omar’s political stance and constituent support—Fighting for Unity and Justice—is expressed on her website, as follows:

“It’s a fight for equal opportunity for all—a just criminal justice system, a thriving school system, and an economy that leaves no one behind. It’s a fight that connects activists, elected officials and community members.”

The only “just criminal justice system” tenet is to penalize those who inflict carnage, not dole insurance money to radical extremists preying on innocent lives whose expectations were to be free from utter chaos and ludicrous lawmakers.

Not that we need it, but some punctuation was used to emphasize a trend among Muslim women. A Barbie-like doll has been created in the likeness of Representative Omar, marketed as “Hijarbie.“ The resemblance is uncanny. Conversely, Representative Omar resembles the anti-immigration enforcement stance as well. Having been vetted by the US government and cleared by the federal “resettlement program,” Ms. Omar landed in the largely Somali enclave in what is dubbed “Little Mogadishu” in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Intriguingly, Fox News reports indicate how Minneapolis is a relative conglomerate base for terror networks recruiting fanatical jihadis.

To be fair to Ms. Omar in the context of her inexplicable stance regarding insuring terrorists’ lives, the other lawmaker who sided with Omar is Representative John Lesch (D – St. Paul). In a final tally of 127-2, both legislators went against the overwhelming majority of other lawmakers who authored and passed the Minnesota statute that declared no life insurance company should be compelled to pay any monies to any self-destructing terrorist bent on obliterating Americans.

Representative Omar and Police Reform

In addition to the lunacy proposed by Rep. Omar regarding doling life insurance payouts to terror-affiliated beneficiaries, she also has some deeply cutting views on American law enforcement. Ms. Omar’s “Police Reform” tab on her political website espouses that the police are the only culprits behind police-involved shootings. The tone is one of absolute blame and indignation, couching cops with sole responsibility. Her descriptions also seem to point the accusatory finger at the police, more than hinting that cops are the only culpable parties in every police shooting in the nation.

Read for yourself her words so you can form your own opinion. A brief parcel from her Police Reform narrative contains the recommendation:

“Civilians should be entitled to basic information pertaining to a stop and should be able to submit complaints online or in person.”

Those are the words from a politician whose knowledge base is significantly behind the times. The ability for citizens to file complaints against police has been in place for many years, so we need not re-examine how the wheel spins.

Rep. Omar closed her police reform stipulations with a rather crass implication:

“We must demand that they take action so that we stop the daily loss of life at the hands of police and the use of excessive force that is so prevalent today in our society.”

That line was followed by the hashtag #Time4Ilhan. It appears time for Ms. Ilhan to step outside of the tiny box to conduct more research. The implication that cops are Neanderthal bloodthirsty entities is demonstrably false.

I make no attempt to indemnify the minority of faulty policing but to recognize the majority of frontline warriors who selflessly get it right.

As a retired policeman, I can say that the views expressed by Rep. Omar relating to the law enforcement institution are founded in rhetoric by someone who clearly has no foundation upon which to assert her tone and extend her accusatory finger. A classic ride-along may be in her best interest, from which clarity ought to set in and the course of dialogue appropriately redirected.

As an attorney, Mrs. Omar knows well the concept of due diligence. It appears little to no exploration of police culture was considered. Further, the mass slayings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge apparently slipped Rep. Omar’s mind. Frankly, it is incensing when Mrs. Omar—or anyone else—dubiously omits the perspective that haters perpetrate heinous deeds upon both citizens and cops. One-sided views only weaken one’s dissertation.

Nevertheless, the Minnesota majority voted against lining pockets of anyone associated with fanatical extremists determined to scorch American soil and profit from mayhem in Minnesota. I place a premium on the 127 legislators who ensured there is no insurance to finance hatred.

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  1. bogsidebunny says:

    The cultural rot is unstoppable. between the pussification of several generations in Liberal Universities which deem coexisting and multiculturalism must be encouraged and the super fecundity of 3rd world immigrants “invaders” to America it’s only a matter of time before the global caliphate overwhelms America. It’s been a pretty good 240+ year run, but nothing lasts forever.

  2. BobF says:

    What the Hell is wrong with Minnesota? They give us Al Freakin and Keith Ellison in Congress and now they elect this woman to their state government.

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