I hope this guy wins.

Plane delayed, he needs to pee, told to sit because if he pees they lose their place in line and plane delayed.

He returns to seat and plane delayed even longer. He can’t wait. He goes to pee. Takes a minute.

All of a sudden pilot says plane has to leave place in line…….it still wasn’t on taxiway.

What I don’t get is the link between going to the bathroom and losing place in line.

Maybe next time he should carry a Depends diaper and if he feels the urge, strip right there in his seat and put on the diaper while telling the passengers, “They won’t let me go to the bathroom and I need to pee.”

Better yet, the gate announcer should now say: “For your convenience, please use the restrooms now as you will not be able to until the planes takes off. We also offer Depends for those of you who’d rather take a chance.”

Delta is the latest airline to come under fire after video emerged showing a passenger being told he had to get off a plane because he used the bathroom during a tarmac delay.

Kima Hamilton, a 39-year-old ‘DJ and poet’ was due to travel on Delta Airlines Flight 2035 from Atlanta to Milwaukee on April 18.

Unfortunately for all aboard the flight, they were delayed while waiting on the tarmac for about 30 minutes.

During that hold-up, Hamilton needed to go to the bathroom. At one point, he stood up from his seat and walked to the back of the plane, then asked a flight attendant if he could duck in and relieve himself, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports.

The attendant said no, telling the 39-year-old they would ‘lose their place in line’, if he did, according to the newspaper.

Defeated and unrelieved, Hamilton returned to his seat. But as the delay continued and the plane remained stranded on the tarmac, Hamilton’s need to go grew stronger.

Fearing an ‘accident’ in his seat, the 39-year-old got back up and walked to the restroom at plane’s rear.

He went in, flushed, and returned to his seat in about a minute.

But as Hamilton was sitting back down and buckling his seat belt, he claimed the flight crew made an announcement over the intercom.

‘The pilot came on and said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry for the inconvenience but we have to return to the gate and remove a passenger’,’ he told the Journal-Sentinel.

‘It escalated to that point that fast.’

Footage of what happened next was posted online by Krista Rosolino – another passenger who was sat across the aisle from Hamilton with her husband, Mike, and their infant daughter.

In the first of two videos, Hamilton is heard saying to what appears to be an airline official: ‘Can you help me understand why… I need more information, I haven’t done anything.’

The official then says: ‘We’ll discuss this outside, not here. Come with me please. We’re not going to discuss this here.’

Hamilton continues: ‘I’m not really clear… I purchased this ticket, I had an emergency and needed to pee, I tried to hold it the first time and I absolutely couldn’t, and now I’m being kicked off the plane? I haven’t done anything hostile.’

The back-and-forth continued for about three minutes, before the official walked down the aisle and exited the plane.

‘I have done nothing,’ Hamilton is heard saying, before another passenger was heard agreeing there was no need to boot him from the aircraft.

But things took a turbulent turn from there.

The second video shows another man on the plane, stood in the aisle talking to Hamilton.

The 39-year-old continued to explain his desperate need to get to the bathroom, and that he needed to get to Milwaukee to help run a fieldtrip with ’94 sixth graders’.

The second official, who had kneeled down to listen to Hamilton, was seen laughing in a good natured manner at the comment, before nodding seemingly in an understanding manner.

The official then is heard saying: ‘Let me just explain, basically any time we are about to take off – for your safety, and for everyone’s safety – we need you seated, that’s the bottom line.

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6 Responses to I SMELL A LAWSUIT

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    Three major American flag airlines.

    1) United got boinked first.

    2) American was next.

    So the Liberal MSM couldn’t leave out #3: Delta.

  2. grayjohn says:

    Unless it’s life or death, stop flying. Hit em where it hurts.

  3. dekare says:

    WTF is wrong with the idiots who work at our airlines. They have a little bit of power, and they abuse it. Seriously, what the hell was the guy to do. I guess from now on, we all just drop trou and wizz in the aisle. There’s your fricking rules…now clean up my piss bitch.

    And what is with the nonsense, “We’re not kicking you off the flight, we need you to come off the plane to discuss it”. Fuck you. Tell you what, here’s my phone number, we can discuss it later…unless you can convince me of some realistic exigent circumstances for needing to talk about it NOW!!!!

    It was a punishment and nothing more. This decent guy was screwed over, and I hope he gets his payday. Until airlines start taking it in the shorts, they are not going to change these barbaric rules.

    I guess the proper thing would have been to tell the plane waitress that she has one minute to give me permission to go to the bathroom, and at that point, mother nature is in control and piss will be coming out of my body and it is beyond my control…so where do you want me to place my urine…in the urinal or on the floor…cause it is coming no matter what rule you have.

    Telling a man who has to pee that badly is like telling him he has to hold his breath until the plane takesoff. You can make all the rules you want, but biology will ignore your rules and the pee will flow free.

    And what rule was broken. I am sure that for customer safety and all, but what is the exception for long delays and nature calling? I guess all the lawyers who wrote of these stupid rules didn’t think of that. And so now we have a bunch of automatons who cannot or are not allowed to think for themselves, and go to default and punish a passenger for breaking the rules. What happened to discretion?

    Imagine if cops acted like this. Airline employees get pulled over for doing 36 mph in a d35 mph zone and sorry….rules are rules and you broke them. Don’t care if you went only one mile over…don’t care if you speedometer is not calibrated right…don’t care if you were more worried about watching the road than your gauges…you get punished. That is their mentality. The guy didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t get beligerant, and unlike if that was me, he kept his cool all the way thru.

    And I have to ask. Had crap like this been going on for a long time now, with airlines being power hungry hardasses or is it new. Did the Dr. Dao video bring attention to something that needed attention for a while now. Like the woman in the letter said….WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS….and should be treated as such. Not animals, not numbers, not money dispensers, and not mindless drones who live to be told what to do and when to do it. And the sooner airlines….HELL EVERY SINGLE DAMN BUSINESS learns this, the better. I would like to say boycott them, but ALL the airlines are the same assholes with different uniforms. The rules need to be revamped and more importantly, power hungry employees needed to be taken down a notch and learn discretion. Look at the intent…NOT THE RULES. The rules are there for guidance…not set in stone for every single situation.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    I’ve flown commercial since I was a kid in the early 1950’s and my dad worked for Pan Am. I’ve flown all over the United States and I estimate I’ve flown to Europe and back 50 times in the last 40 years. I quit flying about 4 years ago due to age and lack of finances. I’ve never seen incidents like the ones United and American airlines have had happen recently. Yes, the number of rag-tag types flying have increased in the last 25 years and when you have a bunch of these low-lifes in the sealed Aluminum tube for hours the flight attendants are going to be pushed to the wall. I wouldn’t do their job and take the crap they have to deal with on a daily basis for 5 times the money they’re making.

  5. redneckgeezer says:

    Has anyone actually checked out the “victim” here? I call bullshit. Or maybe that’s just plain shit since he was wanting to snap a log.

    On another note, the local paper in my town ran a FULL PAGE ad today with a letter to the public from the CEO of United Airlines. Basically he said people can shit all over the employees and other passengers and they won’t do anything about it. Since United has joined the ranks of the pussified companies, people, political parties, etc., I think I will give up on them just for that reason. Not that I really can since I don’t fly.

    All that said, I would expect any company to treat customers with decency and respect. I would also expect customers to treat employees with respect.

    The airlines need a new crewmember. We’ll call he/she the “Political Officer.” Kind of like on the Russian submarine in Hunt for Red October.

  6. BobF says:

    Why would they loose their place in line for takeoff? Nobody has to know the guy is in the lavatory taking a piss…nobody. There are exceptions to every rule and as long as the guy just had to take a piss instead of a dump, there’s no reason they couldn’t have accommodate him. Some people can’t hold it for long periods of time as they have bladder problems and when it comes upon you, you have to go NOW.

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